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Immigration Reform: Confusion Over the Bigger Issue

Immigration Reform: Confusion Over the Bigger Issue

LatinaLista — Republican presidential hopeful, Arizona Senator John McCain, offered some telling remarks at a Sunday stop on an Iowa farm where he decided to talk about immigration.

According to McCain:

"We believe the comprehensive approach to immigration failed because the American people do not have trust and confidence in the government and Washington to do what we say. When we failed in Katrina, when we failed in Iraq when we have corruption in Washington, like you see all the time, my friends, they don't trust us to do what we say we'd do," he said. "We said we would secure the borders, Americans didn't believe us."

But is it really about government failing to secure the borders or failing to keep this immigration reform issue from being hijacked and manipulated by extremists who care little about border security but creating a terror state persecuting the most vulnerable of peoples?

Time and time again, we've heard the excuse gallantly being given by everyone from state governors to small town city councils that "Because Washington won't deal with illegal immigration, we will."
From passing English-only ordinances to making college unaffordable/unaccessible for undocumented students, all these measures are being heralded as the answers to deal with illegal immigration.
It has nothing to do with securing our borders and everything to do with suddenly declaring people, who have been living all along in these towns, as enemies-of-the-state because a few, not a majority, have declared that they should be seen as such.
What Washington has done that is unforgiveable is not failing to make our borders secure, that is being accomplished somewhat — but it's failing to take back control of the immigration issue and standing idly by while men, women and children are made to suffer because these leaders can't make up their minds on which is the bigger issue — undocumented residents, cheap labor or border security.


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