Univision Snubs Bloggers; Active Weekend for No Border Wall Protests; Sunday is D Day for Guatemalan Voters

Univision Snubs Bloggers; Active Weekend for No Border Wall Protests; Sunday is D Day for Guatemalan Voters

LatinaLista — With so much happening this weekend, we thought we would combine three days of posts into one.
We begin with the headliner, if you will, of the mainstream press:

Countdown for Spanish Democratic Presidential Forum

Sunday's Univision "forum" among the Democratic presidential hopefuls is being termed a historic event since this is the first time Univision has been able to play alongside the "big guys" a.k.a. traditional mainstream networks when it comes to hosting a political event of this magnitude.

At their web site dedicated to the event called Destino 2008, Univision is taking their cue from the CNN-YouTube forum held earlier, and asking people to send in their questions for the candidates.
The head honchos at Univision should be extremely excited that they were able to achieve this coup - especially in light of the fact that they announced today that they are postponing their scheduled forum for Republican candidates since only Sen. John McCain agreed to come.
Maybe McCain should join Sunday's debate as one of the questioners since he's the only Republican presidential candidate who thinks Latinos are worth giving up a few hours of his time for — just a thought.
At any rate, the whole Latino community, English-speakers along with Spanish-speakers, should be excited about Sunday's 7 p.m. debate.
I would be but it seems that Univision hadn't thought to include bloggers as part of the media pool covering the event. A few of my fellow Latino bloggers and friends of the Latino blogosphere who tried to get Univision to include bloggers, especially us Latino bloggers, at the event were rebuffed today by the network.
According to the network, they really hadn't thought about bloggers and it's too late anyway — they have reached their audience capacity as laid down by the Fire Marshall.
It's one thing to be excluded by the "other guys" but by your own gente!

Binational Protests Against Border Wall Staged for Weekend
We've been monitoring the No Border Wall protests happening along the Texas-Mexico border and this weekend will be a busy one for la raza in the Valley.

Starting tonight, protest rallies were being staged all along the border. It was even reported by the Rio Grande Guardian that Texas Rep. Kino Flores planned to bring his 24-foot ladder to tonight's rally at the McAllen-Hidalgo-Reynosa International Bridge to underscore the absurdity of the border wall. Flores was to meet on the bridge with Mexican Congresswoman Maria de Dolores Gonzalez Sanchez.
The weekend's schedule is as follows:

Friday, September 7, McAllen / Hidalgo / Reynosa, 6 pm
Saturday, September 8, Brownsville / Matamoras, 1 pm
Sunday, September 9, Boca Chica / Bagdad, 3 pm
Saturday, Sept. 8th Juan Torres and the Weslaco League for Human Rights will be sponsoring a Hands Across El Rio event from 9am – 12 noon at the Progresso bridge.
Saturday, September 29, No Border Wall Pachanga in the Park - family-friendly event meant to show the broad range of community opposition to the wall and show the nation that the image of the border as a war zone is false.

If you don't think you can make it to the Valley this weekend, they're still collecting signatures for their petition to present to officials.
Moment of Truth for Guatemala
Sunday, while U.S. Latinos are busy watching some of our presidential hopefuls try to win voters, in Guatemala, our hermanos will be counting the votes in their election that will be held that day.
What is notable about this election, aside from the violence that has been targeted at party candidates and has claimed 50 lives already, is that among these presidential contenders is the first woman to ever run for President of Guatemala.
She is Rigoberta Menchu, a 1992 Nobel Peace Prize winner. In fact, its candidates from Rigoberta's own party that have been targeted by the violence.

Rigoberta Menchu consoles a relative of Esmeralda Uyun, a member of Menchu's party who was killed by assailants last Wednesday, in San Raymundo, Sept 7, 2007.
(Source: Voice of America)

Analysts don't see Rigoberta winning and polls show that she trails in sixth place but running on a platform of social justice for the poor, she has already made a strong statement on behalf of women, the poor and the future of politics in the Americas.


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