New Latino-Themed Virtual World Debuts on Latin Grammy Night

New Latino-Themed Virtual World Debuts on Latin Grammy Night

LatinaLista — Culturally, linguistically and even socially, Latinos can be a world apart from mainstream society when it comes to tastes in music, food and movies.
No matter how much assimilation or “American” Latinos get, the bottom line is Latinos just like different things.

Well now, there is a place where Latinos can just be who they are. It’s a world away but as close as your computer — it’s called VOYPlaza Virtual.
VOYPlaza is the first virtual world

VOYPlaza Virtual is the first virtual world for Latinos and people who appreciate Latino culture.
It’s created by Fernando Espuelas and his team at VOY. They’re the gente who have been providing lovers of music in Spanish the chance to listen to their favorite Spanish-language artists online via a network of 40 free Latin radio stations at VOYmusic, as well as, a range of other products that include games, videos and the VOY eLabel that lets musicians bypass the record companies to create their own music and market it directly to their audience.
VOY Plaza Virtual is a 3D version of the VOY world. That means everything you can do at the VOY site, like listen to music, watch your favorite videos, play games, etc, you can do in the virtual world.
As expected, no one can enter the world without first creating their own avatar. From there, the Latino-themed virtual world lets members interact with one another, listen to music, dance salsa, watch videos and participate in special events — like watching the Red Carpet Live event at this year’s Latin Grammy Awards.

Since the launch of VOY Plaza Virtual happens to be the week of the musical awards show, VOY was able to arrange to not only gain red carpet access to the event but also get exclusive interviews that will appear only in VOY Plaza Virtual.
The best part of it all — it’s gratis.
So if you want to expand your circle of homeboys and homegirls, try it out. Rumor has it that one special Latina Lista will be seen there soon.

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