Media Trying to Decipher the Nevada Hispanic Vote Strikes a Raw Nerve with Latino Community

Media Trying to Decipher the Nevada Hispanic Vote Strikes a Raw Nerve with Latino Community

LatinaLista — Yesterday, a Duke University political scientist released some preliminary findings of a study she is conducting on Latinos and declared that when it comes to choosing between Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, Latinos will choose Clinton.

Of course, this is released right before the first caucus where the Latino vote actually has a chance of impacting who wins, since eligible Latino voters make up 12 percent of Nevada's electorate.
But how would Dr. McCain arrive at such a conclusion?
Well, she says it's because Latinos identify more with whites and seeing that Clinton is white and Latinos being Latinos — it's a natural assumption.
But if the New Hampshire primary taught us anything at all, it's that no assumption can be made as to who will have a 2-1 advantage over the other at the end of the night.
After all, the state is home to the gambling Mecca of North America and while bets will probably be placed, everyone knows you don't count your winnings until the last hand is played.

There is only one thing certain in Nevada's contest — it will be a showdown between Obama and Clinton now that Richardson has left the race.
Though everyone agrees that Richardson would most probably not have won, he could have had some sympathetic voters in his corner — enough to disadvantage either of the frontrunners.
As it stands now, both parties are racking up impressive endorsements that represent the state's Latinos.
Obama received an endorsement from the Culinary Worker's Union, of which represent many Latino workers in the casinos and hotels.
Clinton received an endorsement from the oldest Spanish-language newspaper in the state. News is that she also recruited the talents of her friends Latina civil rights legend, Dolores Huerta, and Congresswoman Solis to campaign for her in the state.
In this instance, that both candidates would campaign heavily, is the only natural assumption that shouldn't surprise anyone.
But getting back to Dr. McCain's premise that Latinos will vote for Clinton because she's white strikes a nerve with many Latinos/as who feel that corporate-owned media (a.k.a. mainstream media) is already trying to create/intensify tension between blacks and Latinos.
Given the fact that it's basically white political pundits who love to talk this up and can make an hour-long show out of the topic, illustrates how little they care to know Latinos in the first place. A fact that is painfully obvious when they only feature white "political analysts."
Why is it that white pundits are tapped by cable and network news shows to analyze the Latino and Black vote but pundits of color are hardly ever given the opportunity to do the same?
If corporate-owned media cared to really know the Latino vote, they would know by now that there are Latinos who look: Anglo, Black, Native American, and Asian.
Tell a Black Latino that they relate more to whites is like saying a Jewish rabbi secretly harbors dreams of being Pope — I don't think so.
I have to admit there are cases where Latinos and Blacks have not seen eye-to-eye but in most of those cases when examining the story, it usually surfaces after a media story that highlights the fact that Blacks and Latinos are different because, being just people, they don't always support the same issues or candidates — what a surprise.
The bottom line is that both of the Democratic frontrunners (not to ignore the others) appeal to different people — that's the only natural assumption that can be counted on.


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