Colombia Hosts Unprecedented Protest Against FARC and Asks the World to Join Them

Colombia Hosts Unprecedented Protest Against FARC and Asks the World to Join Them

LatinaLista — Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez does say the darndest things.

Maybe it was because he felt invincible after helping arrange the release of two prominent female hostages by the Colombian terror group FARC earlier this month, but whatever it was, Chavez surprised the world when he declared that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the National Liberation Army (ELN) should be taken off the terrorist rolls of the world.
The majority of Colombians didn’t agree with him — especially the young people. As a result, on what started on the social network Facebook, Colombian youth organized an unprecedented protest to take place Monday, February 4.
The protest is for Colombians and people, in all corners of the world, to stand in solidarity against the recognition of FARC.

Chavez started this unprecedented global protest when he said:

They “are not any terrorist body, they are real armies that occupy territory in Colombia. They must be recognized, they are insurgent forces that have a political project … which here is respected.”

That they just happen to assassinate, kidnap, promote the drug trade, use children younger than 18-years-old in their armies and hold the entire country of Colombia under an umbrella of intimidation and fear is beside the point from Chavez’ perspective.
Needless to say, Chavez is in the minority when it comes to declaring FARC as nothing more than a grass-roots guerilla group fighting for an innocent cause.
Within days of Chavez’ declaration, people in Colombia spoke out against Chavez’ definition of FARC.
On Latina Lista, a regular contributor from Colombia immediately penned a post entitled: Mr. Chávez, We, The Generation of Fear, ask you: What is Terrorism?
The outrage hasn’t stopped since.

The indignation has grown over Chavez’ remarks to the point that there grew a need within Colombia to show FARC that after 40 years people are tired of living their lives wondering if they or someone they love will be kidnapped and spirited into the jungles or killed.
So on Monday, February 4, there will be a global march against FARC. The event is titled One Million Voices Against FARC.
But this event is no casual street protest. It is extremely sophisticated in its execution to show how serious the people are in their opposition to FARC.

The event web site is translated into several languages, wherever Colombians live in the world. There are detailed factsheets on why the march is taking place, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, special songs just for the march, downloadable images that can be printed out and placed on t-shirts, as well as, a detailed listing of sites around the world that will stand in solidarity with the Colombian people on this day.
Organizers are quick to point out that the march is not against Chavez but against FARC. In fact, it’s not against any political entity.

“This is a cause beyond all political interests or colors. It’s a humanitarian cause, encouraged by a simple sense of solidarity, for the sake and welfare of our citizens.”

Globally, the marches kick off at the same time — 12 Noon Colombian time.
It’s a global march to remind the leaders of the world that peace is a right to which everyone is entitled and no group has the right to hold another as hostages to fear.


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