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Guest Voz: A Priest’s Appeal to the Federal Government to Stop Offending God with a Border Fence

Guest Voz: A Priest’s Appeal to the Federal Government to Stop Offending God with a Border Fence

LatinaLista — Over the last several months, Latina Lista has posted numerous posts about the strong efforts of some Texas border residents who are fighting back against the federal government's insistence that the country will be safer with a physical barrier dividing Mexico and the United States.
Because of these residents pushing back against the government's strong-arm tactics to build a fence and the fact it's an election season, progress has been made in just a few short months.

Rio Grande, border between Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.
(Source: Bryan Woldridge)

Suddenly, politicians are seeing the "luz" (light), not to mention the potential votes, and voicing their beliefs that maybe a wall/fence is not the solution some in Congress believe it is.
To say that the fight against Big Government is taking a toll on Washington is an understatement but the fight is forcing people from every walk of life to look at the region in a whole new light.
One of those people is Nat Stone and for him pictures speak more than just a thousand words.

Ever since learning about what the government had planned for the Texas-Mexico border, Nat, a New England native, has paddled up and down the Rio Grande chronicling its present existence.
In the process, Nat tells Latina Lista that the idea of a fence in the region became more repulsive the more he got to know the area.
So, Nat decided to do something — film along the river, talk to the people who know firsthand what life is like there and not stop filming until he's gathered enough material to show other people who live far from the border how special the Rio Grand Valley region really is.
As part of this monumental task, Nat is getting border residents' thoughts on tape. One of those residents is Father Amador Garza, pastor of Immaculate Conception Church in Rio Grande City, Texas.
Nat and Father Amador went down to the banks of the Rio Grande. It was Nat's intention to film Father Amador sharing his perspective on the fence. What resulted was a totally unscripted, eloquent explanation, as seen through a priest's eyes, as to why the fence is not just an offense to man but God.


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