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Former high-ranking Latina in Clinton’s campaign is ready to work for Obama. Are Clinton-Latinos ready to do the same?

Former high-ranking Latina in Clinton’s campaign is ready to work for Obama. Are Clinton-Latinos ready to do the same?

LatinaLista — Not much has been heard from Patti Solis Doyle since her less than graceful exit as Hillary Clinton's campaign manager back in February.

Former Clinton campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle
Ousted after illustrating that she just didn't quite have what it takes to run a presidential campaign, Solis Doyle's official capacity in the campaign had been reduced to "consultant."
Not sure how effective her consulting is since Hillary has already sunk $11 million of her own money into the campaign. Yet, given Solis Doyle's prior prominence within Hillary's inner circle, it can't be much fun to be looking in from the outside.
So, news that Solis Doyle would like to work on Obama's campaign isn't too surprising since even Clinton said she would do what is necessary to support him if he was the Democratic candidate.
But he's not yet and that doesn't seem to be a factor in Solis Doyle's ambitions to join Obama's campaign because she seems to think he will be.
The question begs to be asked if this Latina, a staunch supporter of Clinton is ready to throw in the towel, will other Latinas follow her lead?
It's an easy answer: Probably, but not until Clinton officially quits. Because one thing about Latinas(os), we're loyal to the bitter end.

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