You don’t have to be an “elite” political commentator to question Sarah Palin’s qualifications

You don’t have to be an “elite” political commentator to question Sarah Palin’s qualifications

LatinaLista — What does it say for a political team when the speech most anticipated is not the one delivered by the person at the top of the ticket?

Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin
That's pretty much the impression left with viewers last night before and after Sarah Palin delivered her acceptance speech. Even McCain's surprise appearance seemed unnecessary — as if Sarah needed any help.
In all honesty, it was a speech expertly delivered, and somewhat enjoyable. The cutaways to her family were priceless and who could not help but smile watching her youngest daughter mother the baby by spit-flattening the baby's hair?
Sarah Palin did an excellent job with her speech but delivering a speech crafted by speechwriters still isn't a substitute for her lack of Washington political experience — no matter what the script says.
And even though Alaska is beyond the mainland boundaries, it's not a no-man's land where verifying the facts is an afterthought either. Before Palin gave the final approval on her speech, she should have clarified things herself rather than let her hometown newspaper have to set the record straight for her.
While Palin would like to think that her inexperience with how Washington works is not going to be a factor, as a nation we have only to go back 8 years to see when another governor, who actually was somewhat more familiar in Washington than Palin, said he was going to change DC because he was an outsider and could more easily represent the people's interests.
Yet when reality hit home, the downfall was such that former supporters wrote tell-all books.
But why should we worry whether or not Palin has enough political experience? After all, what's McCain really going to use his vice president for beyond ceremonial duties?
Well, when we're talking about the oldest candidate for president potentially taking office, there is that chance, however slight but better odds than Joe Biden's, that she could sit in the Oval Office.
And for someone who has pretty much lived a life secluded from, not just the rest of the world, but the other 48 states, it makes for a disturbing possibility.


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