Special one-time event unites women all over the U.S.A. via neighborhood movie theatres

Special one-time event unites women all over the U.S.A. via neighborhood movie theatres

LatinaLista — March is Women’s History Month.
In this month, we also celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8). When it comes to having a voice, too many women still have to fight to be heard, recognized and respected.

Yet, if enough women help one another to achieve the kind of equality necessary to earn decent wages, live without fear of abuse or violence, be able to educate their children and live a quality of life that is the right of every living creature on this planet, then the world would be a much better place.
There are many activities celebrating International Women’s Day but there is one special event that plans to unite women all over the United States for one night and it centers on the award-winning film A Powerful Noise.
A Powerful Noise follows the lives of three women in three different parts of the world who empowered themselves to make a difference in their communities.
The film is being shown in over 450theaters across the country on March 5. Ticket prices range from $15-18 for adults; child prices are available at select theatres.
The goal of the night is to empower women and making women believe in themselves that they hold the key to solving important issues plaguing the world. But a film can only accomplish so much. So following the film there will be a live feed into the theatre of a panel discussion featuring Madeleine K. Albright, actress Natalie Portman, Christy Turlington Burns, Nicholas D. Kristof and CARE President and CEO Helene D. Gayle, M.D.
People interested in joining the discussion can submit a question to the panelists via the website.
Since the film aims to inspire women to take action, there is an advocacy page linking to resource sites that show how to get involved with issues such as eradicating poverty, gender equality and stopping violence against women.
There are also downloadable planning guides for the evening and material to help people carry on with the mission of the movie far beyond the one night or month of March.
As statistics tell us, the need to help women across the planet extends beyond 30 days:

Of the 1 billion people living in absolute poverty around the globe, 60 percent are women and girls.
Women log two-thirds of the world’s working hours, yet earn only 10 percent of the income.
Women produce half the world’s food, yet own only 1 percent of its land.
Women make up two-thirds of the estimated 876 million adults worldwide who cannot read or write; and girls make up two-thirds of 77 million children not attending school.
Every minute of every day an expectant mother dies from mostly preventable causes.
At least one out of every three women and girls will be severely beaten in her lifetime.

See you at the movies:

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