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Guest Voces: South American Latinas “link” their voices on International Women’s Day

Guest Voces: South American Latinas “link” their voices on International Women’s Day

LatinaLista — Today the world celebrates International Women's Day.
While the official theme for today is: “Women and men united to end violence against women and girls,” the day should also be marked by women sharing their voices to be heard.
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On Latina Lista, we carry a section called "Linking Latinas." The section is precisely dedicated to elevating the voices of Latinas who live in Central and South America and who may not have the opportunity to be as easily heard in their respective countries.
Also, just as importantly, the section enlightens us all as to what life is like for other women in other countries.
For example, Jennifer from Venezuela recounts her horrifying experience being held at gunpoint and threatened with rape by men who charged her family's home to steal from them. Jennifer, a lawyer, has definite ideas as to who the men may be and who could be behind a growing trend in Venezuela.
Martha from Mexico wonders why women in her country are being more affected by the bad economy than men. She notes a government study that found unemployment has risen greater among women. She has some ideas as to why this is happening and what women in her country can do about it.

Ana Maria from Argentina introduces us all to a beloved cartoon character that has been popular in South America for almost 50 years. Malfada is a 6-year-old girl who worries about the health of the world and takes its temperature. Ana Maria shares that Malfada is all about getting us to think outside of ourselves, our problems and realize people have no borders.
Valerie from Puerto Rico feels not enough mainland Americans understand her island nation and explains Puerto Rico's legal status and history to the United States. Valerie shares how her country's unique status makes it hard to even buy something online at Amazon.
Then there's Janett from Peru who explores the difference between curiosity and gossip and how both concepts are impacting the leadership of her country and leaving the people wondering they should be thankful for knowing private details or disgusted.
Mayra from Guatemala isn't holding her breath that her country will get much better in 2009. She shares that her country ended 2008 as the most violent on record and her country's new president is not instilling much hope in his people.
And Anahi from Mexico wants to set the record straight when it comes to her country's bad rap in the press. While she admits that Mexico has its share of problems due to drug violence, she argues that the U.S. is not an innocent bystander. She takes issue with American media saying that they focus only on one part of the U.S.-Mexico drug battle and Mexico is getting all the blame.
There are more stories from other women from Chile and Colombia who offer interesting insights, explanations and even solutions to the problems that affect women and the world. In the coming weeks, we are adding more voices from more countries.
We invite you to read how these women see the world from their unique corners of it and how their voices link us all in a global chain of understanding one another.

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