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A little girl’s wish to play by the light of the moon

A little girl’s wish to play by the light of the moon

By Jo Ann Hernandez

LatinaLista — Beautiful Moon/Bella Luna, written by Dawn Jeffers, is an evoking, beautifully illustrated bilingual children's picture book about a little girl who wants the day to last forever so that she may play and play.

beautiful moon.gif

She loves the moon, when everything is cool and fresh, but it's only during the day that she can play with her bike and bunny to her heart's desire. But then, it gets too hot, she gets too tired... and guess what? As much as she'll miss the sun, she's looking forward to her beautiful moon once again!

It's okay to play, but at the end of the day, even an active little girl looks forward to a time of rest.

The illustrations, done in soft colors, are lovely and sweetly capture the essence of day and night, the sun and the moon, bringing forth a mood of serenity. Beautiful Moon/Bella Luna makes a wonderful bedtime story, sure to inspire calm dreams.

Jo Ann Hernández is assistant Bookshelf editor and author of the award-winning "White Bread Competition" and "The Throwaway Piece," as well as, creator and publisher of BronzeWord Latino Authors web site.


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