Spotlight Non-profit: Creating a R. Evolution in giving back to the Latino community

LatinaLista — For anyone who has ever experienced the thrill of being on the receiving end of an audience’s appreciative applause, it’s an experience unlike others. Unfortunately, the rate of Latinos who achieve that kind of stage success is low and so that’s why the mission of R. Evolucion Latina is particularly meaningful.

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R. Evolucion Latina is an arts and educational nonprofit founded by dancer/choreographer Luis Salgado of “In the Heights” and co-directed by dancer/actress Gabriela Garcia of “Chicago The Musical.” Salgado and Garcia knew that the best way to improve the odds of Latino and Latina artistic success was to create a way to inspire growth within the greater Latino community.

So, together with their Latino/a professional theater friends, Salgado and Garcia collaborate in creating special events to showcase Latino talent, raising money for their nonprofit and providing unique opportunities for underserved Latino youth through their youth programs like the free children’s performing arts camp.


This unique and FREE camp puts R.Evolución Latina’s circle effect into action. The circle effect presents the idea that through giving to others, one will experience their own growth and personal inspiration. RL not only provides free classes for children, it also provides free training to members of the Latino artistic community in multiple areas of the performing arts. These artists then in turn, give back to the community and share their inspiration through youth programs such as the D2GB Children’s Performing Arts Camp.

In the ultimate example of “paying it forward,” R. Evolución Latina has adopted the mission statement of “Dare to go beyond.” What that has meant for members of R. Evolución Latina is using their performing talents so that others may experience that same thrill of an audience applause.

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