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One blogger’s idea to get companies to change course on offshore jobs

One blogger’s idea to get companies to change course on offshore jobs

LatinaLista -- A lot of people, bloggers in particular, have ideas on how to bring jobs back into the U.S. economy. One blogger and Latina Lista friend, Dee of Immigration Talk with a Mexican American proposes that jobs that are outsourced be brought back to the United States.

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While the idea is not new, the criteria she has set up for what she calls "The U.S.A. Jobs for Americans Plan & Honors Program" is unique enough that it warrants not only attention but kudos for coming up with a plan that not only makes businesses accountable for their offshore work but motivates them to bring jobs home.


My Idea for President Obama: The U.S.A. Jobs for Americans Plan and Honors Program

At lunch today, my husband and I discussed ideas to increase Jobs for Americans. We came up with an idea and want to pass it on to President Obama. We call it "The Jobs for Americans Plan." I am advertising this plan here, on Daily Kos and on Facebook. I sent this to the President via his White House website.

Both my husband and I worked for Fortune 500 companies. We know and understand that a number of companies outsource many jobs offshore. These are jobs many Americans, especially middle class Americans want. These are jobs that, when they were outsourced off-shore, meant lay-offs for hard-working Americans.

Business says they outsource to save money. Offshore, they are not required to pay employees at the same rate. Offshore, they are not required to maintain OSHA sanctioned, safe environments. Offshore, they are not required to adhere to union bargained contracts. Offshore, these employees do not pay U.S. income taxes, nor are companies required to pay social security taxes or unemployment premiums based on payroll amounts.

Types of jobs sent offshore:

. Production: physical manufacturing (primarily to China)

. IT Services: Software Engineering (primarily to India & other English speaking countries) HP, IBM, Intel, AT&T, AMD, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, SAP, BEA, etc.

. Innovation Outsourcing: to South Africa, India, Pakistan, China, Mexico, Russia, etc.

. Transfer of Intellectual Property

. Customer Service: All customer service work to English Speaking Countries (any company that provides Customer Service via phone or internet)

Our "The U.S.A. Jobs for Americans Plan & Honors Program":


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