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Spotlight Non-profit: Utah troupe preserves Latino culture through folkloric dance

Spotlight Non-profit: Utah troupe preserves Latino culture through folkloric dance

LatinaLista -- There are several words that can be used to define culture: food, traditions or language. In any of these examples, an explanation or translation is a must to be understood. Yet, one of the most popular forms of "culture" that needs no translations and entertains while educating is folkloric dance.
In Utah, where 12 percent of the population is Hispanic, making them the largest minority in the state, sharing the Hispanic culture through folkloric dance has become a priority for one group since 2000.
The Utah Hispanic Dance Alliance is comprised of dancers and master dance teachers from throughout Latin America who now live in Utah. They did not just want to promote Latino culture -- but preserve it and have it included in Utah festivals.
Dance performances include the music, traditional costumes and folkloric dances from Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Puerto Rico, and other Latin American countries. Traveling around the country, and even abroad, the organization brings a bit of Latin American culture to those who are unfamiliar with it.
But performing the dances is not enough to sustain the Latino culture in Utah. For that reason, workshops, lessons and training the next generation of dancers is part of the community outreach the Utah Hispanic Dance Alliance devotes itself to when not performing.

The Utah Hispanic Dance Alliance is made up of Folk Dancers and teachers from throughout Utah who share a 2 part mission:
1. To preserve the ethnic dance traditions of Latin America and elevate the quality of Hispanic Folk Dance in Utah.
2. To promote community inclusion as we showcase the excellence of Hispanic Culture through dance.

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