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Latinos crossing party lines to support DREAM Act is important milestone in Latino unity

Latinos crossing party lines to support DREAM Act is important milestone in Latino unity

LatinaLista -- "Hope springs eternal" is one of those sayings that can either be taken positively or negatively. In light of today's announcement from Sen. Harry Reid that he will introduce the DREAM Act as a stand-alone bill after Thanksgiving, the saying is an accurate description of how DREAM Act students and supporters feel about the latest news.


After all, it's kind of like deja vu.

Yet, this time, Latino Republicans are stepping up to the plate like never before to voice their support of the passage of the DREAM Act. Their support signals an important milestone for Latino unity.

Maybe a national Latino leader isn't a fictional concept after all.

The following is a statement issued by Sen. Reid's office:

"If there is a bipartisan bill that makes sense for our country economically, from a national security perspective and one that reflects American values, it is the DREAM Act.

This bill will give children brought illegally to this country at no fault of their own the chance to earn legal status. Children brought to this country before the age of 16 who graduate high school, stay out of trouble and go on to serve in the military or to college would be eligible to earn permanent resident status after meeting certain other requirements.

"Secretaries of Defense from both parties have supported this bill because it strengthens our Armed Forces. In fact, this bill has a long history of bipartisan support, and was originally co-authored by Republicans.

The students who earn legal status through the DREAM Act will make our country more competitive economically, spurring job creation, contributing to our tax base and strengthening communities.

"Last time we sought to bring up this bill, all Republicans blocked our effort, even though many have been supporters of the DREAM Act in the past. I hope that our Republican colleagues will join me, Sen. Durbin and Democrats in passing this important piece of legislation, now that we have a stand-alone version and that political season is over."


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