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USA: Creating political change for next generation of Latinas

USA: Creating political change for next generation of Latinas

By Debbie Gordils



CHICAGO, USA -- Today was very indicative of how I juggle work with mommy-hood. I dropped off my children at school, jumped on the treadmill and, all the while, was making and taking work related calls.

I rushed to help organize and sort 3,000 plus boxes of Girl Scout cookies. The phone continued to ring. First, it was a Hispanic alderman candidate, followed by two others looking to coordinate, followed by the office of a Chicago Mayoral Candidate and a missed call from the State Treasurer's Office.

With only a few days left before Tuesday's election, I have little expectation of getting a break. As my over-extended day ended with the hugs and excitement in the faces of my children, I'm reminded why I continue to offer up my efforts for positive change.


It's an empowerment of change that we must continue to strive for because our children are watching us mold this life we are given. They learn change is not something that happens...it is something we earnestly create and build upon.

We as Hispanic women are in a strong position to demonstarte to our young girls that so much is possible for them and that political initiatives are ours for the taking....

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Debbie Gordils is a single Latina mom with two daughters, one adopted and one with special needs. When she isn't freelancing as a consultant to the Republican Party and working on Hispanic outreach in Chicago, she has run for political office.

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