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Jesus Mane: Representing Lawrence’s artistic talent

Jesus Mane: Representing Lawrence’s artistic talent

By Alberto Surís
Rumbo News

LAWRENCE, MA -- Jesus Mane started painting at age 12 but never received formal painting lessons. The closest he has been is when he studied at Greater Lawrence Technical School and graduated in 1997 as a Graphic Designer.

Jesus artist.jpg

"Last year I presented some of my paintings during a Bread and Roses Festival, in Lawrence," he said.

Now, Jesus has added some new pieces to his collection and with the support of his half brother, Eric Mane, opened Imagine Gallery, at the former Donovan's Trophy building located at 165 Essex Street.


Starting with 'Evolution of Ken': "It's not only a name of a person but what happens every time you look at it; it evolves into something else."

'Deep Blue' depicts an effigy of a woman drowning in her own sorrow, in the blue depth of the ocean.

'Soul Fire' represents the burning passion emerging from within.

Mane doesn't use models or copy from prints, neither does he do portraits. "What you see in my paintings, comes from within me, just like Soul Fire, my passion emerges from within."

Mane is also experimenting with wire. His favorite sculpture is 'Perception in Reality.' "My intention was to reproduce a profile of a woman's face, but a friend told me that what she sees in it is a dove taking flight," he said. "Perception in Reality is what I see, but some other person's perception might be different," concluded the artist.

Jesus was born in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, on December 25th, 1975. He was born premature, with a lot of health issues, one of them, his sight. "I don't remember my weight at birth, but they tell me that I was very tiny," said Jesus and added, "At 8 years of age my weight was 30Lbs., now at 35, I'm pushing 100," he says convinced of his accomplishment.

To get in touch with Jesus Mane, call 978-764-6251 or by e-mail jesus.mane@ gmail.com

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