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Salsa Dance Club Brings “Pure Flavor” to Campus

Salsa Dance Club Brings “Pure Flavor” to Campus

By Rachel Giles, Courtesy of The Voyager, University of West Florida
La Costa Latina

PENSACOLA, FL -- "One taste is all it takes" is the spicy slogan for Pura Sabrosura, the University of West Florida salsa club.

Pura Sabrosura meets Thursday nights at 7 p.m. in the [UWF] Green Room Studio in the Health, Sports, and Leisure Facility. The club offers free salsa dance lessons to all UWF students and faculty, and non-students may attend as guests of UWF students with a $5 gym fee.

"We do performances on campus and outside of Pensacola," Pura Sabrosura's club president Nelson E. Sierra said. "We also do events and socials. Our first one will be Sept. 10th in the Argo Galley in the evening."

Sierra said that his favorite thing about teaching salsa in Pura Sabrosura is "seeing everyone else fall in love with it." He also said that he learned how to salsa through Pura Sabrosura and has now been dancing and performing for approximately a year and a half.

Pura Sabrosura, which is Spanish for "Pure Flavor," was created in November 2009 and officially became a UWF club in September 2010. The class is available to...

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