White House launches Easter Egg Roll fun with online lottery and downloadable activities for families

LatinaLista — Though Easter is about a month away, it’s never too early for the White House to start planning the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. As in years past, the White House opens its gates — this year on April 9 — to families with children 13 and younger who want the chance to hunt those special White House eggs and get in on the fun.

Official 2012 White House Easter eggs

This year marks the 134th anniversary of the Easter Egg Roll and is tailored to fit the First Lady’s national exercise initiative with the theme of “Let’s Go, Let’s Play, Let’s Move.” Expecting more than 35,000 people to “roll” in on the South Lawn for games, stories, singing, dancing and the egg roll, White House staff opened the ticket lottery today that will hand out tickets to the secure event.

A simple application process is required for the free online ticket lottery which closes on March 5 at 10 a.m. EST. In addition to the usual games, health and nutrition will also be a part of the event with cooking demonstrations and showing families how to create healthy and tasty meals and snacks.

For children who don’t live close enough to the White House to be there, the annual poster contest lets children, wherever they live, be a part of the event. There is also an online coloring book parents can download. And of course, for those who want souvenirs, the official White House eggs can always be found online for sale.

Since Easter is traditionally a time that includes the whole family, the First Family is even letting the “First Dog,” Bo, get in on the fun. All we can say is we hear the Easter Bunny has a little competition this year!

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