Latina Lista & You Are Strong! partner in national initiative to advocate for Hispanic veterans

Latina Lista & You Are Strong! partner in national initiative to advocate for Hispanic veterans

You Are Strong! Center on Veterans Health and Human Services

in Partnership with

Latina Lista - The Smart News Source

Announce the Launch of the National Hispanic Veterans Advocacy Network (NHVAN)


You Are Strong! Center on Veterans Health and Human Services (You Are Strong!) is proud to partner with Latina Lista – The Smart News Source (Latina Lista) in launching the National Hispanic Veterans Advocacy Network.

An arm of You Are Strong!, the NHVAN mission is to establish a viable network advocating for Hispanic veterans’ health and human services needs. NHVAN’s vision is to create a well-established, organized, active, and strongly connected community of Hispanic veterans by improving communication and advocacy for their health and human services needs.

“I am thrilled to partner with Marisa & Latina Lista on this special project for Hispanic veterans. There is such a huge need for culturally competent advocacy related to Hispanic veterans and there is currently no organized group for such an important initiative. Marisa and I hope to close that gap together! This is a special project I hold near and dear to my heart and Marisa shares those same sentiments. Together, we hope to reach out, organize and unify our community around our amazing veterans who served our country and get them the health and human services they need.” Xiomara A. Sosa, NHVAN Executive Creator & Co-Partner, You Are Strong! Founder.

“I am honored to join Xiomara A. Sosa, Founder of You Are Strong! on such a worthwhile and urgently needed initiative that elevates the voices of Hispanic veterans and spotlights their unique challenges, needs and stories. Just as more Hispanic veterans prepare to reintegrate into U.S. society, there isn’t a better time to launch the National Hispanic Veterans Advocacy Network. Working with Xiomara on this project is a natural extension of Latina Lista’s editorial mission and we look forward to not only helping and supporting our community’s veterans but providing a platform where the greater Latino community can share in the pride of knowing about these courageous men and women and the sacrifices they made for our country”. Marisa Treviño, NHVAN Media Co-partner, President, Treviño TodaMedia, LLC, and Publisher/Founder of Latina Lista.

This partnership will help shine light on issues affecting Hispanic veterans through an article series about issues affecting their health and human services needs, resources, spotlights, interviews, critical legislative, government, and military initiatives, and more. Some of the initiatives that will be rolled out in 2012-2013 include Legislative Days with political representatives to advocate for their needs and Town Hall Meetings with community stakeholders, including health and human services professionals, to educate and raise awareness about Hispanic veterans’ needs.

You Are Strong! is the only organization whose mission is to combat negative stigma and provide streamlined information about health and human services for U.S. veterans. Our Vision is a society where veterans can seek and achieve optimum mental and physical health through recovery and achieve and sustain a positive way of life through available services after serving their country in peacetime or in wartime. We research and coordinate information that serves veterans and advocate on their behalf for mental or physical health issues, basic welfare, and essential quality of life services.

Latina Lista is a nationally recognized news site known as “The Smart News Source” - News from the Latino perspective, a premier site for English-speaking Latinas/os - a community of regional partners servicing predominantly Hispanic communities that share the voices, experiences and stories of Latinas/os with a wider audience.

For more information about NHVAN, the partnership efforts to advocate and support Hispanic veterans, and to view the webpage highlighting both visit

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