CAll-2-Do-Good: NEA asks its members to share stories of their undocumented students for online competition

CAll-2-Do-Good: NEA asks its members to share stories of their undocumented students for online competition

LatinaLista — Outside the families of undocumented students, the people who know best the challenges, heartaches and fears that undocumented students endure are their teachers. Since the DREAMer movement started, countless teachers have joined the fight to get DREAMers recognized and afforded the same rights as citizens.


Now, the National Educational Association (NEA) wants educators to go a step further and share a story of one of their students who is undocumented. In the competition, One Dream: Inspiring Educator Voice for DREAMer Students, the NEA asks its members to submit a 250-word story about how the current immigration system has "disrupted the education and life of a hard-working student."

Judges will review the entries and award the winning writer with a trip to Washington DC to attend the National Immigration Reform Rally and Day of Action on Wednesday, April 10, 2013.

Stories must be submitted online at “One Dream: Share Your Inspiring DREAMer Story” no later than 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Wednesday, March 27.

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