Latina bloggers continue national park tour with trip to Glen Canyon Dam


By Monique Frausto
American Latino Expedition

On the second day of our amazing expedition, we visited and toured the colossal Glen Canyon Dam. There’s nothing like walking into the third largest dam in the country to make you realize all the work that goes into getting water to our homes and into our lives. The dam, which was built in 1963 to help tame the Colorado River, is what created Lake Powell.

After breakfast, we met Park Ranger Cindy, in front of the Carl Hayden Visitor Center. The center sits next to the dam and houses exhibits, video shows, artifacts, and a really cool map of the entire Glen Canyon area. This helps put into perspective how vast the land is.


After a little intro, we made our way to the tour, which is only $5! A small price for a national park treasure. After taking an elevator 10 stories down, we were right smack on top of the dam. We had a view of Lake Powell on one side and the bridge on the other. It was a stunning sight. We even went down further into the dam (felt like 50 stories) where the generators were. It was the heart of the entire operation.


The entire tour took no longer than 45 minutes and will last a lifetime in my mind. I really had no idea what power the dam holds and the impact it makes in this area. It’s such a great educational tool for adults and kids. We loved our tour guide and Park Ranger Cindy. You can tell they had a passion for the land and telling its story.

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