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Video: Time-lapse filmmaker unlocks key to a beauty that inspires gratitude

Video: Time-lapse filmmaker unlocks key to a beauty that inspires gratitude

LatinaLista — Louie Schwartzberg is a cinematographer, photographer, filmmaker and — grateful. His work of the past 30 years of shooting time-lapse photography has opened a door into Nature that before Schwartzberg, and his peers, no one had the key to unlock.

Now, everyone has the privilege of seeing beauty that has always existed but only showed itself in teasing glimpses. In his featured Tedx talk, Schwartzberg shares his amazing work and the gratitude he feels with each developed roll of film. It's a gratitude that has motivated him to create a new campaign — Happiness Revealed.

With help from his camera, Schwartzberg reconnects viewers with Nature and awakens an invisible link that exists within each person with the surrounding environment.

To highlight his work, and sell it, Schwartzberg has a business called Moving Art. It features his beautiful cinematic filmmaking of places around the world that inspire and captivate. An app for people to download for free to watch Schwartzberg's videos, wherever they are, is available for both IOS and Android phones.

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