+ ++ Video: College entrepreneur has big idea on how to "close loop" in creating bigger landfills | Latina Lista

Video: College entrepreneur has big idea on how to “close loop” in creating bigger landfills

Video: College entrepreneur has big idea on how to “close loop” in creating bigger landfills

LatinaLista — Holly Chan is a graduate of Purdue University and an up-and-coming entrepreneur. But if Chan has her way, other businesses that like her idea would steal it.

To Chan, it wouldn't be thievery but validation that she is creating change in a sector of industry that is contributing 152 billion pounds of containers and packaging waste into the nation's landfills.

Chan, named one of five student finalists in the College category for the "Entrepreneur of 2013″ contest presented by Entrepreneur Magazine, wants businesses to adopt, what she calls, the 'closed loop' method of packaging.

It basically means that the packaging used by businesses to hold their products would be returned to them for package recycling. Chan's reasoning is that the savings incurred by businesses recycling their packaging could be passed onto consumers and, in the process, alleviate a growing threat to the environment.

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