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Guaraní People vs. Repsol: The Importance of Indigenous Self-Determination

Guaraní People vs. Repsol: The Importance of Indigenous Self-Determination

By Mark Betancourt First People’s Worldwide In an open letter sent from a pan-Amazon meeting on climate change and Indigenous Peoples, Brazilian Indigenous leader declared, “we are tired of anthropologists, environmentalists, church-related organizations, and other specialists speaking for us and using us for their self-interest. Please respect our self-determination to make our own decisions.” This

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Video: Do the Democrats have a lock on the Hispanic vote?

CBS News (LatinaLista Editor’s Note: The strength of the Latino electorate is an issue that has occupied the headlines since the 2012 presidential election and is only gaining momentum as both sides of the aisle appear to be coming together to compromise on issues of importance to Latino voters. Yet, the folks at CBS News

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Guatemala freezes 2013 in time capsule inspired by ancient Mayans

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista A time capsule inspired by the ancient Mayans has been installed by cultural officials in Guatemala City to show the country’s future generations what life was like in 2013. Messages, cards, articles from the present day and predictions for tomorrow were deposited by members of society into the container, which will


Chicago Charter Schools demand equality

By Brian Extra News CHICAGO — On May 8, 5000 teachers, students, administrators, and parents gathered in downtown Chicago to represent the 53,000 students in Chicago Public Schools (CPS), demanding that CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett and Chicago aldermen provide “Equal Dollars for our Scholars!” Currently, public tax money is divided unequally among CPS Schools and