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Urban Gardeners in Buenos Aires Seek Solutions to Hunger and Poverty on Earth Day

By Ivonne Jeannot Laens Global Press Institute As the world celebrates Earth Day, urban gardeners take advantage of limited spaces in Buenos Aires to grow and exchange their own vegetables rather than buying them. One urban gardener has tallied 1,500 fruit trees in the city from which many people, including the homeless, can eat for

Western art is Latino painter’s specialty: Enrique Guerra exhibits at Briscoe Western Art Museum

By Lance Aaron La Prensa de San Antonio SAN ANTONIO — Featuring 65 top Western artists more than 200 paintings and sculptures covering all manner of subjects – from rugged frontier cowboys and noble Native Americans to historic missions and dreamy landscapes, this is perhaps the highest quality mix of work in the history of

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Video: Speaking out for greater diversity in teen theater productions

LatinaLista — For too long, Hollywood and the greater film/theater industry have been besieged with complaints over their reluctance to feature diversity that is representative of today’s national reality. While some progress has been made, it’s still not enough. It might be because film and theater executives think diversity only means that more characters written

Immigration Bill: No Federal Health Benefits for Up to a Decade

By Chase Cook Oklahoma Watch Undocumented immigrants given temporary legal status under a new immigration bill would be denied access to Medicaid and other subsidized insurance offered by the federal health-reform law. That would mean thousands of immigrants, while waiting for up to 10 years to be fully legalized, would likely continue turning to Oklahoma

Guest Voz: Why AP dropped the “illegal” word

By Eduardo Stanley LatinaLista On April 2, 2013, the Associated Press (AP), perhaps the biggest news agency in the world, announced it would no longer use the word “illegal” when referring to immigrants without legal residence or working permits. The announcement was made by Kathleen Carroll, Vice President and Executive Editor of AP, who explained


Viernes Video: Playwright Josefina Lopez tackles human rights and immigration in new big screen production

LatinaLista — Putting a human face to immigration has not been easy for advocates trying to convince conservatives that the issue is more than border security and deportations. It’s an argument that playwright Josefina Lopez hopes to make in her upcoming film Detained in the Desert. Based on her play of the same name, Lopez,