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LatinaLista — It was bound to happen. The popularity of Cinco de Mayo rises to new levels every year among those who want to commercially exploit this day in Mexican history for American profit, but this year has reached a whole new level. This year, Cinco de Mayo is the subject of a new horror […]

Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto welcomes President Obama.

At the invitation of President Enrique Peña Nieto, President Barack Obama travelled to Mexico City on May 2-3 to discuss the broad range of bilateral, regional, and global issues that bind the United States and Mexico and touch the daily lives of citizens of both countries. Building on their positive initial meeting in Washington, D.C. […]

By Michael Tatone InSight Crime The US government is to open a security training center for Central American journalists in an attempt to plug the gap left by the regional authorities’ inability to protect journalists threatened by organized crime groups. The center will be based in El Salvador and will support journalists in El Salvador, […]

Sara Inés Calderón Más Wired Sabio is an organization that aims to help unemployed women and minorities become tech workers through an intensive boot camp and targeted networking with tech professionals. Currently the group is competing in the LA2050 challenge in an effort to seek funding. Co-founder Gregorio Rojas worked 14 years programming in a […]

By Wayne Jebian CTLatinoNews.com “Vamanos a Dios!” shouted a perspiring woman one Sunday morning at New Britain’s Iglesia Pentecostal Jehova Rafa “Mi Sanador”. Her voice mixed with the soaring prayers of her pastor, Dominga Mendez. “Gloria a Jesus!” shouted another woman in the sparse crowd of about ten, who watched and listened as Mendez brought […]

Mexico, land of…poppies?

By Kathleen B. Lowenstein The MexPatriate Between 2007 and 2012, poppies surpassed marijuana as the most widely grown illegal plant in Mexico. In fact, by the end of last year the authorities estimated that poppies occupied 40% more land than cannabis; in 2008, only 210 kilos of opium gum were seized by Mexican law enforcement […]


By Antonio Garza, U.S. Ambassador (Ret.) LatinaLista This week’s meeting between Presidents Obama and Peña Nieto brings U.S.-Mexico relations to center stage. This second face-to-face between the two leaders occurs at a critical time in each presidency. Domestic reform efforts that have far-reaching implications for the bilateral agenda are underway in both countries. These include […]

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LatinaLista — It used to be considered “New Age” to think too deeply about what our life’s purpose is on this planet. Yet, as society has picked up speed and people find themselves rushing to work, rushing to fulfill daily commitments, rushing to keep up with social media or rushing to take care of their […]

By Ronnie Citron-Fink Mom’s Clean Air Force The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has a targeted plan regarding what your child learns about climate change. ALEC pushes anti-science bills that mandate teaching climate denial or “skepticism” in public schools. ALEC is a “corporate bill mill” — written by, and for corporate lobbyists that work alongside […]

By Dr. Edward Rincón The Culture of Research If you are a tax-paying Texas resident, should your opinion matter in decisions related to publicly-funded programs or services in Texas? Of course, you may say, the opinions of all Texas residents are important. But one Texas state agency thinks that it is acceptable to exclude Spanish-speaking […]

By David Avalos La Prensa San Diego the bipartisan group of Senators known as the “Gang of Eight” put their plan for “comprehensive immigration reform” before the USAmerican public, and once again served the Chicana/o community a Mexican Combo Platter steaming with piles of beefed-up border security smothered in drones, refried Bracero guest worker programs, […]

By Manuel Vigo Peru This Week This week the governments of Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia agreed to collaborate on the implementation of a new joint smart visa system, El Comercio reported. The agreement was signed at the World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Summit, on Tuesday. Peruvian Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Jose Luis […]


LatinaLista — Long before schools decided art wasn’t enough of a worthwhile class that students could learn something from and axed it from their curriculums, one off-campus art nonprofit has been showing that art is not only relevant to students’ lives but can be profitable in a variety of ways. Minneapolis-based Juxtaposition Arts has been […]