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Petition demands 21st Century educational system to rebuild America

Petition demands 21st Century educational system to rebuild America

LatinaLista — It is an understatement to say that the nation’s public school system is yet another ‘broken’ system that lags behind its mission of servicing the people for which it was created. While the White House has convened educational summits, non-profits have sprung up to address educational disparities and local business communities have stepped

Jairo Mora Sandoval watches as a leatherback sea turtle lays its eggs.

Conservation groups unite in seeking justice for young murdered Costa Rican environmentalist

LatinaLista — It is a crime that a majestic species, such as the leatherback sea turtles, that have lived over 150 million years on this planet, should see its numbers drastically drop in some parts of the world over 90 percent in a span of only 20 years. In this case, climate change is the


Facebook initiative strives to get all to ‘Honor Our Heroes’ in preparation for Memorial Day

LatinaLista — Memorial Day is fast approaching — the last Monday of May — and it’s the time of year specifically dedicated to remembering everyone who died in the service of our country. Yet, for veterans and their families there is no need to set one day aside to remember comrades and friends who have

As FAFSA Deadlines Approach, New Tool Helps Students with Immigrant Parents

By Divya Raghavan NerdScholar As the last FAFSA deadlines approach, students with unusual family circumstances struggle to complete their applications to help fund their college degree. Some may have lived outside their home on their own, some may have LGBT parents, and some have to deal with tricky immigration statuses. In response, NerdScholar released a