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2014 record-breaking year for exonerations with many found to be no-crime cases

2014 record-breaking year for exonerations with many found to be no-crime cases

LatinaLista — In 2014, something was heating up across the United States and, for a change, we’re not talking about the climate. It turns out last year was a record-breaker — for exonerations. A new report by the National Registry of Exonerations found that there were 125 exonerations in 2014. It may not sound like


Planet’s indigenous get ready to stage “largest climate march in history”

LatinaLista — Among the rational, climate change is no longer denied or ridiculed. Rising sea levels, soaring summer temperatures, monstrous storms, tornados and flooding and a drought encompassing most of the planet are clear indicators that something is happening. It is said that the people who are on the frontlines of this global climate change


VIDEO: Ku Klux Klan Steps Up Recruitment, Focuses On Immigration

LatinaLista — It’s not uncommon to see the immigration issue used as fodder to attract voters or recruit members to border militia groups and ultra-conservative groups. Yet, the latest group to specifically feed on the fear of the ignorant about the immigration issue left more than just a bad taste in people’s mouth. Throughout several

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New site shares stories of detained immigrants held at detention facilities as part of little-known congressional mandate

LatinaLista — There’s a little known congressional mandate known as the “detention bed mandate.” Passed in 2009, Congress requires U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to “incarcerate 34,000 immigrants in jails and detention centers in the U.S. at any given time.” It’s not important to U.S. authorities if some of the immigrants have no criminal record


National initiative launches to help drive donations to organizations helping unaccompanied migrant children in U.S. custody

LatinaLista — There’s not a newscast these days that doesn’t lead with the humanitarian crisis happening on our southern border. The reasons for the unprecedented influx of Central American children are heartbreaking enough, but news of local organizations overwhelmed at trying to supply the most basic needs of these children now in their care tugs


Video: Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood learns how to fight back against rising neighborhood violence

LatinaLista — The history of the city of Chicago seems to have always been intertwined with violence. The 21st Century is no different. During this year’s Fourth of July holiday weekend, the city recorded nine people killed by gun violence and another 60 wounded. The trend continued the following weekend with three people killed. For