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New site shares stories of detained immigrants held at detention facilities as part of little-known congressional mandate

New site shares stories of detained immigrants held at detention facilities as part of little-known congressional mandate

LatinaLista — There’s a little known congressional mandate known as the “detention bed mandate.” Passed in 2009, Congress requires U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to “incarcerate 34,000 immigrants in jails and detention centers in the U.S. at any given time.” It’s not important to U.S. authorities if some of the immigrants have no criminal record


National initiative launches to help drive donations to organizations helping unaccompanied migrant children in U.S. custody

LatinaLista — There’s not a newscast these days that doesn’t lead with the humanitarian crisis happening on our southern border. The reasons for the unprecedented influx of Central American children are heartbreaking enough, but news of local organizations overwhelmed at trying to supply the most basic needs of these children now in their care tugs


Video: Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood learns how to fight back against rising neighborhood violence

LatinaLista — The history of the city of Chicago seems to have always been intertwined with violence. The 21st Century is no different. During this year’s Fourth of July holiday weekend, the city recorded nine people killed by gun violence and another 60 wounded. The trend continued the following weekend with three people killed. For


New Census report reveals poverty is becoming increasingly colorblind

LatinaLista — Historically, poverty has been associated with people of color and the latest Census Bureau report underscores that continuing trend. But the American Community Survey report, Changes in Areas with Concentrated Poverty: 2000 to 2010 also highlights a new trend that may prove to be a stronger reflection of the true state of the


Video: American Express creates “docu-ad” highlighting the unbanked

LatinaLista — It’s called a “docu-ad,” an ad that’s passed off to look like a documentary. In most cases, the underlying motivation for the piece — increased sales of an advertised product — is blatantly apparent. As such, whatever good intentions may have been behind its making are lost with the obvious product placement. Yet,


Video: Increasing the minimum wage — a debate that doesn’t add up

LatinaLista — The issue of what is a fair wage has garnered increasing debate with the House of Representatives’ opposition to federally increase the minimum wage. This legislative void has spurred more states to take up the cause and pass their own minimum wage increases. In this featured video, journalist Bill Moyers interviews activist Saru