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New UN global initiative wants everyone to answer: What kind of World do you want?

LatinaLista — In 2000, world leaders created the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It was a promise that the developed countries of the world would work together to end extreme poverty by 2015. Two years from that goal date finds that the world has made a lot of progress: The number of people living in poverty

Racial Justice Act — A new tool in Dallas County District Attorney’s arsenal to get racial justice in courts

LatinaLista — Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins gained national notoriety after he was first elected in 2006. His rise in national prominence wasn’t because he was Texas’ first African American-elected district attorney but because he and his office aggressively pursued the exoneration of wrongly convicted Dallas County defendants through DNA testing. In the weeks

New study shows migrant farmworkers at risk of chronic disease from camp kitchens violating health regulations

LatinaLista — It’s long been documented that migrant farmworkers are subjected to harsh working conditions — long stints in the sun with no water or bathroom breaks, forced to overwork themselves to fill produce quotas, sexual harassment towards women workers, etc. Yet a new study shows that’s not where the dangerous conditions for migrant farm

New report creates a pathway for Obama administration to abolish modern-day slavery

LatinaLista — It’s estimated that 27 million people are victims of child prostitution, forced labor, sex trafficking, domestic servitude and other forms of modern-day slavery. It has become a $32 billion industry worldwide, second only to drug trafficking. Some countries have renewed their efforts to combat this grossly inhumane for-profit industry. Today, the Alliance to

The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ threatens the work of non-profits to help those who need an extra hand

By Lilly Zeller LatinaLista Tis the season to be jolly, as one popular Christmas song will note, but for the majority of non-profits ‘tis a season to be worried about falling off the “Fiscal cliff,” which could endanger the future of so many of our non-profit organizations. This “Fiscal cliff” is a devastating mix of

New analysis from Guttmacher Institute outlines how anti-abortion measures take away womens’ freedom to decide

LatinaLista — During the vice-presidential debate, Vice President Joe Biden angered the Catholic Church and pro-Life activists when he said that though he personally believed that abortion was wrong, except in certain circumstances, he felt just as strongly that his own personal beliefs on the issue weren’t imposed on women of different faiths and opinions.