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Guest worker program needs reform of its own before including it in broader immigration reform bill

LatinaLista — One component of immigration reform that is considered to be the most “sellable” point is the guest worker aspect. Non-skilled immigrant labor is brought in on H2-A visas to perform temporary farm labor. This industry has always been in the forefront of attracting immigrant labor. According to a 2009 immigration factsheet: In an

An attack on Planned Parenthood turns out to be an all-out assault on low-income Latinas

LatinaLista — Planned Parenthood. The mere mention of the organization immediately conjures up negative images thanks to several GOP politicians who found it quite easy to rake the organization through the mud during the recent budget debates. Though Planned Parenthood has been around for 95 years providing programs, information and much needed health and family

Freeing the voice of incarcerated women and troubled youth

By Angela Villanueva LatinaLista College instructor Emmy Pérez taps into her lifelong passion of helping others to share her love of creative writing with troubled youth and incarcerated women. Emmy Pérez is a writer. She’s also a college instructor, a life motivator and an inspiration to all her pupils — from inside the classroom to

One study says some Latino kids don’t exercise. Another study tells why

LatinaLista — A new report makes the simple but bold statement — “healthy people and healthy places go together.” The report, “Why Place & Race Matter: Impacting health through a focus on race and place,” sponsored by PolicyLink and the California Endowment, illustrates why a person’s neighborhood and local community can be a good predictor