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By Cecilia Muñoz LatinaLista Cecilia Muñoz is senior vice president of research, advocacy and legislation for the National Council of La Raza (NCLR). As such, she monitors developments across the country resulting from the enforcement/enactment of federal policies as they relate to the greater Latino community. In the following piece, Muñoz talks about the racial […]

LatinaLista — Past responses to stories posted on Latina Lista regarding the fight South Texans are putting up against the Department of Homeland Security in building the congressionally appropriated border fence have not always been kind to the residents. Some people can’t understand why simple landowners, who have had their property in their family since […]

LatinaLista — For the last couple of weeks, one topic that has perpetuated the media and the blogosphere is the notion that there exists a Black-Brown divide on the national political front. It’s pretty much accepted among the inteligente that it’s just a bunch of verbage to fill in the downtime during this campaign season, […]

LatinaLista — In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his now famous I Have a Dream speech. It wasn’t just words on paper, but passion in motion. Because of that, those words inspired a generation to see the future differently, fraught with possibilities and potential. Also in 1963, five short months before Dr. King […]

LatinaLista — It was called Operation Tamale and ICE officials claim it was a 5-month investigation into the hiring practices of New Mexico’s tamale plant at Proper Foods, Inc. What’s pleasantly surprising is that for the first time that we’ve heard, ICE made sure that all the 21 undocumented immigrants apprehended, as they shuffled out […]

Disclaimer: The word “illegal” is denoted in quotation marks in solidarity with the National Association of Hispanic Journalists’ call to end media usage of the word as a noun or descriptor of undocumented immigrants. Manuel Jesus Cordova Soberanes may not be known by his full name but identify him as the illegal immigrant who saved […]

LatinaLista — Last month, the FBI released their annual report on hate crimes. If you didn’t hear, hate crimes against Latinos is up. In fact, 62.8% of hate crimes were categorized as being perpetuated by an offender who had an anti-Hispanic bias. Of the offenders who committed these hate crimes, 58.6% were white. Since the […]

By Luis J. Echarte LatinaLista The Azteca America television network has a presence in 60 markets across the United States and currently ranks fourth among Spanish-language networks broadcasting in the country. Recently, Azteca America has been in the headlines because of a new initiative to launch a 60-hour series of English classes on 60 U.S. […]

LatinaLista — It’s a question that some on one side answer: “it doesn’t exist” while the other side can’t believe those who deny it can’t see it. Maybe it’s because racism has become such an acceptable way of talking and seeing people of other ethnicities that it’s considered normal, at the least, it’s become acceptable. […]

By A Concerned Irving, Texas Citizen LatinaLista Today’s Guest Voz is a longtime Latino community leader in Irving, Texas, and herself an immigrant. In Irving, the local police have opted to be a part of ICE’s nationwide Criminal Alien Program or CAP. In this program, the local police help ICE by identifying those people suspected […]

LatinaLista — How ironic is this: Yesterday, the Bush Administration held a conference at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia titled “A Conversation on the Americas.” President Bush speaks at the Conference on the Americas (Source: White House) It was billed as a conference to hear about the best practices that are working […]

LatinaLista — Sometimes the people in Washington say the darndest things. Education Secretary, Margaret Spellings, appearing before a special conference in Washington D.C. last week said that inner-city schools are nothing more than dropout factories — DUH! It’s taken this long for people who are mandating the educational curriculums in this country to realize that […]

LatinaLista — It’s a rather ironic situation: When it comes to family and friends, the majority of Latino teens don’t think twice about lending a hand. Yet, according to a new federal study by the Corporation for National & Community Service, if it involves doing volunteer work for a stranger, there doesn’t seem to be […]

LatinaLista — Perhaps the two most eye-catching signs at today’s Dallas Mega March were: “America is for Americans” and “Will Speak English for Citizenship.” Those signs pretty much sum up how the immigration debate has formed over the last year since Hispanics took to the streets in cities from Los Angeles to Chicago to Dallas […]

LatinaLista — There have been many “predictions” as to how the White House is going to get along with the new leaders in Congress but, unfortunately, it doesn’t take a psychic to know that the honeymoon will be over before it starts. Which got me to thinking about what the psychics are saying about politics […]

LatinaLista — Every red-blooded American school student, while enjoying their school break, are inevitably performing a time-honored-holiday tradition as well — counting down the days till school starts again. Too many students will return to schools where self-segregation is the norm, no matter how diverse the student body. Unfortunately, no amount of adults pushing kids […]