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San Antonio residents living in toxic Triangle to visit with world-renowned environmentalist

By Tony Cantú La Prensa de San Antonio — World-renowned environmental activist Wilma Subra — often compared to Erin Brokovich — is scheduled next month to meet with residents living around the former Kelly Air Force Base to help assess what’s making many of them sick. Residents around the shuttered base — now the 1,800-acre

Immigration lawyer who retrieved 4-year-old U.S. citizen from Guatemala challenges media to finish their job

LatinaLista — David Sperling is an immigration lawyer in Long Island, New York, but he wasn’t always one. At one time, earlier in his career, Sperling was a journalist who reported from abroad and witnessed firsthand the kinds of conditions his clients today left behind. Because he still retains that journalistic curiosity and sense of

Research faults No Child Left Behind with needless criminalization of Latino and black children and youth

LatinaLista — No Child Left Behind (NCLB) was a program that was supposed to revolutionize teaching in the country by establishing new rules and benchmarks to ensure children were learning. Yet, the unthinkable has occurred. As a result of the policies in NCLB, studies are finding that instead of more children learning, more children were

New Mexico domestic violence campaign fights state’s partnership between police and immigration agents

LatinaLista — The Obama administration has set as one of its goals for immigration enforcement a program to be adopted nationwide that partners local police with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. The original intent behind this program, known as Secure Communities, was to help local law enforcement rid from their streets criminals who were