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Video: New documentary forces nation to remember how a young generation helped turn the tide for Civil Rights

Video: New documentary forces nation to remember how a young generation helped turn the tide for Civil Rights

LatinaLista — Civil rights is synonymous with the struggles of black citizens for equality. Yet, it is not often remembered that during the summer of 1964, college students took an active, and dangerous, part in helping African Americans attain their Constitutional rights. During that summer, almost 1,000 college students were dispatched to the state of


Intrn’l Video: Protesting displacement of 4,000 Brazilian families ahead of World Cup

LatinaLista — When Brazil was awarded the 2014 World Cup, media images showed Brazilians overjoyed at the prospect of hosting the megagames of their beloved sport, “futebol,” on their home turf. Yet, as preparations accelerate for the monthlong tournament beginning June 12 through July 13, it seems not all Brazilians are happy about the games.


Video: Hawaiian judge creates new program for parolees that gives HOPE they won’t return behind bars

LatinaLista — The penal system is big business in the United States, especially when most of the inmates go through the revolving door. Those released on probation usually find themselves back behind bars after violating their probations – at some point. Most court systems will admit that keeping ex-cons accountable to their probation officers –


Video: Former juvenile offender turns life around with education and advocacy

LatinaLista — William Lopez had a rough childhood. “Had” is the operative word. Pleading to manslaughter at the age of 18, Lopez spent more than 15 years in the juvenile and adult prison system. While he was locked up, he lost his younger brother to something he was all too familiar with — gang violence.


Latest study shames Sunday morning political talk shows over egregious lack of diversity and thinking only white males are smart

LatinaLista — Anyone who regularly watches the Sunday morning political talk shows knows that the hosts and vast majority of guests are white and male. For anyone who tries to refute that obvious diversity imbalance, there’s a quarterly study that underscores just how bad it is. Media Matters, a media watchdog organization, has released their


Intrn’l Video: Documentary premieres online & in theaters challenging to take a stand ending child slavery

LatinaLista — It is no coincidence that the new documentary #standwithme makes its global debut on February 1, National Freedom Day. The film is about a 9-year-old girl named Vivienne Harr, who was so disturbed seeing a picture of two young boys from Nepal who were enslaved and had rocks strapped to their heads, that