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Spotlight Nonprofit: Creating a way to tackle poverty with coffee and “Simply Smiles”

Spotlight Nonprofit: Creating a way to tackle poverty with coffee and “Simply Smiles”

LatinaLista — Indian-American singer Anand Bhatt is what many would call a “Latino at heart.” This 37-year-old who grew up in Chicago has a love affair with Mexico. So much so, that it’s not surprising he found himself picking up the language and, before long, crooning tropical pop music in Español, alongside, Hindi and English.

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Video: Catholic group raises red flag on faith-based organizations’ release of Development Aid treating HIV-AIDS sufferers in Africa

LatinaLista — Sunday, Dec. 1, 2013, was the 25th anniversary of World Aids Day. A different kind of video, from an unlikely source, marked the anniversary of a disease that has garnered worldwide financial support for research and treatment. Yet, as is seen in the video, not all of the money earmarked is being spent

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Video: Inspiring animation reminds people it’s “In Our Hands” to fulfill UN’s Millennium Development Goals

LatinaLista — Though the world is cut up into territories, separated by imaginary lines in the sand, sea and air, the fact remains that the human race is the only unifying element in a world that is separate and unequal. Because of the pervasive inequality that exists in this world, there are some who don’t


Video: 2010 documentary tracing Hollywood’s treatment of Native Americans available online

LatinaLista — Hollywood movies are known for romanticizing, distorting, embellishing, and even inventing, when it comes to portraying communities of color. There’s no greater example than how Hollywood has portrayed the Native American. From the admirable to the pathetic – think Johnny Depp as Tonto — the Native American has been at the mercy of


Viernes Video: Filmmaker creates mini-film about the plight of migrant farmworker children

LatinaLista — The plight of migrant farm workers has never gotten the full attention it deserves. No matter that the only reason the nation is able to enjoy the convenience of having fruits and vegetables at our neighborhood markets is because of the backbreaking work of these men, women — and children hunched over in

2013 Summer TCA Tour - Day 14

National Latino group criticizes PBS for marginalizing former PBS NewsHour correspondent Ray Suarez and lack of Latino hiring

LatinaLista — Like all major industries in the United States, the media industry is suffering its share of holding on to workers. Newspapers and magazines have folded, companies are laying off journalists and everyone seems to be doing these things in an effort to either downsize the company or their workforce and take their brands