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Spotlight Nonprofit: Sack suppers keep low-income children from going hungry

LatinaLista — Sometimes it’s the most heart-wrenching sight that inspires great ideas to not only be born but put into action. That was what happened to Mary K. Hoodhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2003. She saw several children dumpster diving behind a school. She asked them what they were doing and they replied with

Spotlight Nonprofit: Water nonprofits work to quench a global thirst for safe water

LatinaLista — The days of taking drinking water for granted is quickly coming to an end. With extreme drought predicted to only worsen in the United States in 2013 and climate change playing havoc with water supplies, communities are taking a hard look at how to preserve their water reserves. Unfortunately, this issue is not


Spotlight Nonprofit: ARTS founder looks to Oscar win of Inocente doc to boost visibility and donations

LatinaLista — Trying to convince children who are homeless, victims of child abuse, domestic violence or facing a myriad of ‘adult’ challenges most kids their ages don’t have to worry about that they have a reason to survive can be an uphill battle. It’s a battle that one San Diego nonprofit though is winning through

Nonprofit Spotlight: Helping sexually exploited girls see the value in their lives and what ‘GEMS’ they really are

LatinaLista — The term ‘human trafficking’ doesn’t begin to relay the true cost of emotional and physical damage done to the women, girls and children victimized by what is a barbaric international business. It is reported by mental health officials that many of the victims who have been sexually exploited see their lives and themselves

Spotlight Nonprofit: San Diego teens battle hunger by getting businesses to donate surplus food

LatinaLista — Though the economy is showing signs of improving, it’s still slow-going with prices rising faster than peoples’ salaries. No other segment of the economy hits closer to home than food prices. Shrinking wages and extreme weather events have put the squeeze on families in more than one way causing 1 in 5 Americans