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Crowdfunder: Writing the stories of yesterday’s “DREAMers”

Crowdfunder: Writing the stories of yesterday’s “DREAMers”

LatinaLista — Campaign: Portraits of the Dream Dr. Josef Castaneda-Liles and Dr. Maria del Socorro Castaneda-Liles from Santa Clara University are working on a book titled Portraits of the Dream. It features the stories of leaders from various industries (tech, academia, law, fashion, entertainment and others) – all of whom arrived as undocumented immigrants, along


Crowdfunder: Exiled Mexican journalist raising funds for living expenses as he finishes book about U.S.-Mexico border

LatinaLista — Campaign: Writing a book in exile Luis Nájera is a Mexican journalist with 20 years of professional experience, currently living with his family as refugees in Canada. In recognition of his career at the US-Mexico border, he received in 2010 the CJFE International Press Freedom Award; in 2011, one of the Human Rights


Crowdfunder: A film about immigration, fast food, and making your own justice

LatinaLista — Campaign: Bring The Hand That Feeds to Your Community The news can’t be turned on without hearing something about immigration, economic inequality, low-wage work (including fast food), or rising social unrest. But how often is a feature documentary seen that explores these complex themes through a dramatic personal story? Stories about labor, in


Crowdfunder: Stopping the spread of breast cancer

LatinaLista — Campaign: Can we stop the spread of breast cancer? Cancer treatment is a challenging, complex and exhausting process for the patient, their family and medical team. Chemotherapy kills both cancer and normal cells, and may not prevent remaining cancer cells from spreading. The research team of Dr. Monica Montano believe that by turning