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Crowdfunder: Creating a Spanish version of a film that helps women understand menopause

Crowdfunder: Creating a Spanish version of a film that helps women understand menopause

LatinaLista — Campaign: HOT FLASH HAVOC HOT FLASH HAVOC is an enlightening, entertaining, humorous film and crash course in what everyone needs to know about menopause, which begins as early as 35 years old. However, right now it is only in English, leaving out over 550,000,000 million people worldwide in the Spanish community who cannot


Crowdfunder: Helping Ugandan farmers and Bulindi chimpanzees live in harmony

LatinaLista — Campaign: The Bulindi Chimpanzee & Community Project Chimpanzee populations in Africa are plummeting. As human populations grow rapidly, chimpanzees become squeezed into shrinking forests surrounded by people. The Bulindi chimpanzees in Uganda are one such group of imperiled great apes trying to survive under desperate conditions. This 20-strong group are the focus of


Crowdfunder: Training 59 US veterans to create 3D video starting with America’s national parks

LatinaLista — Campaign: The 59 Veterans Project The 59 Veterans Project plans to embark on an epic journey of education and discovery that will be created by U.S. Veterans training for a new career in 3D high-definition videography. Their first project is to produce a series of half-hour programs featuring each of America’s 59 National


Crowdfunder: Lifting children in Nicaragua out of poverty with honeybee farm

LatinaLista — Campaign: Honeybees to Lift Children Out of Poverty Thousands of children are living in poverty in Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Spark Ventures is a Chicago-based non-profit that partners with international grassroots organizations to help children in poverty with education, nutrition, and healthcare. Unlike most organizations, however, they don’t


Crowdfunder: Building awareness about pollution by putting it in the “hands” of the people

LatinaLista — Campaign: AirBeam: Share & Improve Your Air Air pollution is a staggering worldwide problem. Sources estimate that poor air quality costs the United States alone over $78 billion dollars annually. The negative impacts of air pollution rank it among the most serious and widespread human health hazards in the world. Breathing dirty air