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LatinaLista — When every U.S. President leaves office, there are two legacies that he leaves behind: his administration’s actions forever chronicled in the annals of history and his library. Former President George W. Bush, having returned to Dallas, Texas after the end of his second term, is going beyond the traditional presidential library. On the […]

BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION One of our Nation’s great civil rights leaders, Cesar Estrada Chavez came of age as a migrant farm worker, witnessing the injustice that pervaded fields and vineyards across California. Facing discrimination, poverty, and dangerous working conditions, laborers toiled for little pay and without access […]

LatinaLista — Latino civil rights icon, Cesar Chavez, is synonymous with the United Farm Workers (UFW) organization. Yet, he wasn’t the only one who championed the rights of these workers. According to a 1975 national poll, there were 17 million, at that time, who identified as rallying to the farm workers’ cause through boycotts, hunger […]

By Ada Alvarez LatinaLista Women have a “special day” marked on the international calendar that cannot be celebrated as a holiday nor marked as the perfect excuse to receive random flowers. The 8th of March is International Women’s Day and is the perfect moment to define the difference between sex and gender. This observation started […]

LatinaLista — The saying “Daddy’s girl” is destined to become obsolete as the rise in single mother families continues and fathers are only a parent in name only, not to mention the outcomes for fatherless girls is traditionally not good. According to research, girls who grow up without their fathers are more likely to be […]

LatinaLista — Every year, during the month of March, otherwise known as Women’s History Month, we like to remind ourselves of how far women in this country have come. Given the recent political debates over contraception and women’s heathcare, it’s clear we have a lot farther to go. But overall, life for women in the […]

LatinaLista — Every college-bound high school junior and senior knows the drill when it comes to taking their SAT tests — get plenty of rest, bring extra pencils with erasers and make sure there’s an extra set of batteries for the graphing calculator. The graphing calculator is the one tool that students know can mean […]

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LatinaLista — Young people of Pacoima, California are among the most impoverished in the state. The poverty that exists in the Northeast San Fernando Valley doesn’t give these kids too much hope for a promising future — and that was all the impetus needed for David Kietzman and Whitney Kasserman to do something about it. […]

LatinaLista — A delegation of 20 women from the United States and Canada are on a 10-day mission to help amplify the voices of women in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras known as las defensoras or human rights defenders who have been trying to draw global attention to the abuses women are suffering in the region. […]

LatinaLista — There’s been a long-held belief that the average Latino household doesn’t give to charities. According to a new study, it’s a belief that should have been recognized as an urban myth long ago. This month, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation released the report “Cultures of Giving: Energizing and Expanding Philanthropy by and for Communities […]

LatinaLista — According to Wikipedia, the (short) definition of a NGO or non-governmental organization is “a legally constituted organization created by natural or legal persons that operates independently from any government.” The United Nations is credited with coining the term in 1945 to differentiate between organizations that are related to the government and those that […]

LatinaLista — The word “empowerment” is often used to describe an end-goal for many non-profits who work with disadvantaged youth and families. Some organizations define empowering their target clients by offering classes to boost their self-esteem. While that’s important, sometimes empowering a person means giving them the opportunity to pursue their dreams, no matter how […]