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Crosses erected by the workers of the Moore Public Schools maintenance department are pictured at the Plaza Towers elementary school, in Moore, Okla., Friday, May 24, 2013. They were built in memory of the seven children who died during the Moore tornado. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

Spotlight Nonprofit: Oklahoma legislators and businesses band together to create special fund to build storm shelters at state’s schools

Spotlight Nonprofit: Oklahoma legislators and businesses band together to create special fund to build storm shelters at state’s schools

LatinaLista — Among the many sad and haunting images of the May 20 EF5 tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma is one of seven wooden crosses hammered into a patch of grass standing guard where Plaza Towers Elementary school once stood — a school that became the final resting place for seven students huddled in an


Spotlight Nonprofit: Latina teens get a new ‘circle’ of friends who help make their college dreams a reality

LatinaLista — While more Latinas are going to college and getting their degrees, it’s also true that young Latinas are still the largest group who are getting pregnant in high school, not finishing their education and perpetuating a cycle of poverty and low-wage jobs in their communities. In North Carolina, young Latinas, starting in the


First-ever ‘Proud to be Indigenous’ campaign launches online as Indigenous Peoples from around the world set to attend UN session

LatinaLista — From May 20-31, the United Nations will host more than just their usual array of international dignitaries — they will welcome the Maasai of Africa, the Yawanawa from South America, the Māori from South East Asia, the Lakota from North America to Indigenous Peoples from around the world attending the annual United Nations


Spotlight Nonprofit: One Latina’s mission to make victims of domestic violence realize ‘milagros’ do happen in life

LatinaLista — It didn’t take long for the joyous discovery in a poor Cleveland neighborhood, that Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were still alive after ten years, to turn into disgust and disbelief over all the abuse and mistreatment they suffered at the hands of their captor Ariel Castro. Yet, to Castro’s children,


Spotlight Nonprofit: Allowing budding artists to earn as they learn

LatinaLista — Long before schools decided art wasn’t enough of a worthwhile class that students could learn something from and axed it from their curriculums, one off-campus art nonprofit has been showing that art is not only relevant to students’ lives but can be profitable in a variety of ways. Minneapolis-based Juxtaposition Arts has been

New study puts fears to rest that sponsoring a child in developing countries is anything but a good cause

LatinaLista — We’ve all seen the commercials. The music starts with a melancholy and dramatic melody as the camera zooms in on the sad and dirt-stained face of ‘Maria,’ an elementary school-age girl, as she shyly hovers in the doorway of her impoverished family’s shack wearing a hand-me-down dress recycled through one too many children.