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White House recognizes 11 immigration reform advocates in special Champions of Change ceremony

LatinaLista — This morning, the White House hosted a special installment of their ongoing “Champions of Change” series by honoring 11 people “who embody the spirit of Cesar Chavez’s legacy and commit themselves to working in their communities to advocate and organize around immigration-related issues.” The Cesar Chavez Champions of Change program featured people from

Can upcoming DC immigration rally recapture the spirit and participation of 2006? Maybe

LatinaLista — The year 2006 will be forever remembered as the time when the Latino community came together and marched for immigration reform. As anyone who took part in those infamous marches of 2006 that swept the country from Los Angeles to Dallas to Chicago to New York City, those marches weren’t so much about

Spotlight Nonprofit: Water nonprofits work to quench a global thirst for safe water

LatinaLista — The days of taking drinking water for granted is quickly coming to an end. With extreme drought predicted to only worsen in the United States in 2013 and climate change playing havoc with water supplies, communities are taking a hard look at how to preserve their water reserves. Unfortunately, this issue is not

New social media campaign delivers message that immigrants are ‘Here for Good’

LatinaLista — In almost any conversation dealing with immigrants and/or immigration reform, someone points out the obvious — “Immigrants come to work.” A new social media campaign strives to expand on that sentiment by declaring that immigrants are Here for Good. Launched this week by the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), the campaign

PBS broadcaster Tavis Smiley lends a hand to bring Latino influentials together

LatinaLista — For too long, non-Hispanics have viewed the collective Latino community as being all about immigration reform. While that is an important issue for over half of the Latino population, it’s not an issue that defines most Latinos. As in every community, there are other issues that concern Latinos — the environment, the federal