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The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ threatens the work of non-profits to help those who need an extra hand

By Lilly Zeller LatinaLista Tis the season to be jolly, as one popular Christmas song will note, but for the majority of non-profits ‘tis a season to be worried about falling off the “Fiscal cliff,” which could endanger the future of so many of our non-profit organizations. This “Fiscal cliff” is a devastating mix of

Nonprofit Spotlight: Making sure older orphans and foster care children have a chance to find a loving family

LatinaLista — Orphaned and foster care children have it tough not having a loving, stable family. The statistics paint a bleak future for them: 1 in 10 commit suicide Less than half finish high school 50 percent end up in jail 1/3 become homeless 1 in 4 will become parents before the age of 20

Global Oneness Day strives to change how the world sees mankind’s relationships with one another

LatinaLista — By now, most people have accepted the fact that the world is not going to end on December 21 just because the Mayan Calendar is ending. Yet, for the last few months, that assumption was an impetus to unite people from all over the world to wonder about their destinies. But organizers of

New analysis from Guttmacher Institute outlines how anti-abortion measures take away womens’ freedom to decide

LatinaLista — During the vice-presidential debate, Vice President Joe Biden angered the Catholic Church and pro-Life activists when he said that though he personally believed that abortion was wrong, except in certain circumstances, he felt just as strongly that his own personal beliefs on the issue weren’t imposed on women of different faiths and opinions.


Spotlight Non-profit: New LGBT campaign creates positive dialogue in Latino families

LatinaLista — If conservatives were hoping to splinter Latino voters over the same-sex marriage issue, they’ve had a rude awakening. Poll after poll shows that Latino voters are more willing to support same-sex marriage than what was traditionally believed. For the first time since the Pew Hispanic Center began asking the question in its National

This year’s World Food Day highlights the fact that the whole world’s food supply is in trouble and needs attention

LatinaLista — Since 1979, the global community has observed World Food Day. Yet, in the 33 years of making people aware that there are those who are going hungry, the issue is reaching a critical crossroads. The United Nations, scientists and agriculturalists predict that 2013 could see a global food shortage unlike anything in the