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Crowdfunder: Agua4All – Safe drinking water access in rural CA

Crowdfunder: Agua4All – Safe drinking water access in rural CA

LatinaLista — Campaign: Agua4All – Safe drinking water access in rural CA No matter who you are or where you live, you should be able to drink a glass of water in your home or neighborhood and not worry that it will make you sick. But this isn’t reality for more than a million Californians,


Crowdfunder: Documenting sacred Native American sites accessible only by water

LatinaLista — Campaign: Navajo Onanon Foundation Lake Powell Expeditions Leonard Miller, president of the Navajo Onanon Foundation, is passionate about the Navajo Nation. He grew up on the reservation in an average neighborhood. No water. No power. Returning to his childhood home after years away achieving business succes, he found not a lot had changed


Crowdfunder: Raising money for books for Chilean school for the Mapuche

LatinaLista — Campaign: Mañiuco School A group of Fellows from the Melton Foundation who have been working with the Mañiuco School since 2011. Mañiuco School in southern Chile is exclusively Mapuche (Indigenous peoples from the Araucanía Region) and students are from rural, low-income backgrounds, aged 5 to 14. Working with the school’s leadership, the Fellows


Crowdfunder: Made by Mayans – Inspiring Hope in Guatemala

LatinaLista — Campaign: Made by Mayans – Inspiring Hope in Guatemala For six years, Jennifer Rice’s family lived in a tiny Mayan village. Shortly after her family’s return to Michigan, Ana, one of her former neighbors, called and pleaded with Jennifer to purchase her handmade bags. As a young, illiterate, single mom, the needs of


Crowdfunder: Bringing reading, writing, and arithmetic to 250 million children

LatinaLista — Campaign: Global Learning XPRIZE XPRIZE has launched the Global Learning XPRIZE to incentivize teams to create tablet-based Open Source software that will teach a child to read, write, and perform arithmetic, fully autonomously. The impact of this technology is to bring literacy to over 250 million children around the world. Give a child