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Crowdfunder: Helping first-ever university-led mission to the moon off the ground

Crowdfunder: Helping first-ever university-led mission to the moon off the ground

LatinaLista — Campaign: Lunar Lion – the first ever university-led mission to the Moon Students, faculty, staff, and professionals at Penn State are serious contenders to become the first private entity to ever land a spacecraft on the Moon. Only the United States, the Soviet Union, and China have ever landed on the Moon –


Crowdfunder: Giving 600 children in small Guatemalan village the tools they need to succeed in school

LatinaLista — Campaign: Operation Give: San Rafael El Arado, Guatemala Diane E. Phillips is the founder of Give Photography and Operation Give. She was born and raised in Boston, then spent her formative years in California and graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Anthropology. She is the product of a beautiful Catholic


Crowdfunder: Fact-checking in real time the 2015 State of the Union address and GOP response

LatinaLista — Campaign: Live fact-checking 2015 State of the Union and GOP response PolitiFact was founded in 2007 with the promise of separating fact from fiction in the spin offered by politicians. The journalists behind Politifact were honored to win journalism’s highest honor, the Pulitzer Prize, for their work covering the 2008 presidential election. Since

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Crowdfunder: Raising awareness of plastic pollution’s deadly effect on marine wildlife

LatinaLista — Campaign: Mission: Clean Beaches Mission: Clean Beaches is a non-profit organization created in 2012 to bring light to the negative impacts of marine debris, especially to wildlife through public outreach, education, actions, and advocacy. Ever since her days walking the local beaches of Brevard County during her undergraduate studies in marine biology at