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Crowdfunder: Teaching teens of Rio’s favelas how to build apps

Crowdfunder: Teaching teens of Rio’s favelas how to build apps

LatinaLista — Campaign: Tunnel Lab – Tech startup accelerator hubs in the favelas Even though this is the 21 century, which is considered the era of technology, more than 2 billion people live unplugged. Those people have spent their lives in poverty struggling to afford essential human needs like sanitation, healthcare, food and security. To


Crowdfunder: Understanding the College Rape Crisis

LatinaLista — Campaign: Understanding the College Rape Crisis Rape is the most pervasive violent crime on college campuses. It’s also the least prosecuted. Survivors are boldly challenging ineffective policies, compelling media and policymakers to not just listen, but also act to overturn the status quo. But are new laws and national discussion enough to improve


Crowdfunder: Stories from Indigenous Midwives

LatinaLista — Campaign: Give Light : Stories from Indigenous Midwives GIVE LIGHT is a feature-length documentary that shares the oral histories of indigenous midwives in the face of a modern medical industry. In Give Light: Stories from Indigenous Midwives, indigenous midwives discuss a time when birth was a natural event and they assisted women to


Crowdfunder: Pop Culture and Aztec Art

LatinaLista — Campaign: Pop Culture and Aztec Art “Pop Culture and Aztec Art” is a new art book San Antonio-based illustrator Emmanuel Valtierra has been working on. The purpose of the book will be to introduce new generations to the old style of Aztec art in a very fun way using topics like: Videogames, TV