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Yet another game takes illegal immigration to an offensive level

LatinaLista — Once again, the issue of illegal immigration goes from the halls of Congress, grassroots protests and Latino communities under siege by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) personnel to — gameland. Ever since the issue has become almost a daily headline, there has been an eerie fascination with the idea of making sport of

Recent deportation cases underscore administration’s lack of moral responsibility

LatinaLista — It’s been recognized by many in the immigrant activist community that a strategy of the Obama administration to make immigration reform “palatable” to Republicans was to show them that the rule of law would be enforced when it came to enforcing current immigration policies. In this regard, the Obama administration has outdone itself.

A young girl brings her dreams across the border

By Lisa Lopez LatinaLista Jane Medina’s “The Dream on Blanca’s Wall” is an outstanding bilingual collection of poems from Blanca’s point of view. Similarly to Medina’s previous notable book “My Name is Jorge”, this poetic collection presents the female perspective on the universal struggles to fit into a new society and country. Blanca is a

Project focuses lens on Latinos and Muslim Americans to showcase “humanity within misunderstood cultures” — Over the last several months, Latina Lista has featured a number of worthwhile community projects that were in the running for Pepsi Refresh Project. To “refresh” our memories, the project was created by the marketing department at Pepsico last year who thought they could do a better job of connecting with consumers through

Being undocumented used as justification for court to take woman’s son away and given to other couple

LatinaLista — There’s no denying that one little four-year-old boy, christened with the name Carlitos, and now enjoying life as Jamison, will be the real loser in a custody battle that underscores how little human rights undocumented immigrants have in this country. Carlitos was born to Encarnacion Bail Romero from Guatemala. He was only seven