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President Obama tells Latinos to “champion” immigration reform

LatinaLista — Another day, another event for President Obama to underscore his determination to show the Latino community that he’s serious about the immigration issue. This morning, he spoke at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC. Overall, the speech was a repeat of what he’s already been saying but with one difference. This

Re-introduction of DREAM Act garners applause, hope and deja vu

LatinaLista — First came the White House immigration meetings with their star-studded, business powerhouse invitees; then came the policy speech on immigration reform in El Paso yesterday where President Obama repeated to the nation what he’s been saying privately at those White House meetings. Now, comes a concrete piece of action that immigrant advocates and

Guest Voz: ABA President creates commission examining legal issues of interest to Latinos

LatinaLista — The lack of diversity is still an issue when it comes to certain professions. One of those professions is the legal profession. It was a deficiency that didn’t go unnoticed by the American Bar Association’s current president and first Latino to hold that position, Stephen Zack. Mr. Zack noticed how underrepresented Latinos were

Spotlight Non-profit: Sharing love of Mexican history and culture one dance at a time

LatinaLista — With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, no fiesta is complete without two symbols of Mexican culture — mariachis and folkloric dancers. Swirling bright-colored skirts, whipping braided hair decorated with ribbons while performing quick toe-heel tapping dance steps, folkloric dancers attempt to recreate a little bit of Mexico’s cultural history. The only