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Guest Voz: A dishonest debate rages on about the DREAM Act

LatinaLista — In response to the many “concerns” Republican lawmakers have posed that they say prevents them from supporting the DREAM Act, Sen. Harry Reid presented yesterday a new version of the DREAM Act with the changes Republicans have requested. Among them are: 10 years of temporary status vs. the previous 6 years Specifically barring

New site creates national movement using social media to connect donors with those in need

LatinaLista — The official countdown to Christmas is underway! For some, or most, it’s the official countdown to holiday debt. But not all gifts have to cost money. Sometimes, it’s just the act of re-gifting that can prove more valuable than something brand new. At least, that’s the hope of a new online business that

Gains in HIV prevention still elude Latino communities on 21st observance of World AIDS Day

LatinaLista — Next year, it will be 30 years that the world has lived with AIDS. Discovered in 1981, the disease, that doesn’t discriminate but relies on people being lazy about protecting themselves, has claimed 30 million lives since its discovery. But finally, there’s good news! According to the recently released UNAIDS Report on the

Venezuela: A transgender candidate’s run for Supreme Court challenges culture of intolerance

By Jennifer Barreto-Leyva LatinaLista CARACAS — Venezuela is making history with the very first transgender candidate who has applied to be a member of the Supreme Court. Her name is Tamara Adrian, and she exemplifies what it means to be a human being, for several reasons. I wanted to let Tamara tell her story in