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Michelle Bachelet: The world cannot afford to wait another 100 years to unlock the potential of women

LatinaLista — Today marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. Though more women are in the workforce now than ever before and have achieved great strides in the professional, private and non profit sectors, there are still challenges all women, whether married or single, face in today’s world. From disparities in pay, sexism in

Hispanic farmers still waiting to be treated equally by the USDA

LatinaLista — Two weeks ago, USDA’s Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Assistant Attorney General Tony West announced they had finally resolved the claims of Hispanic and women farmers and ranchers who had filed a discrimination suit against the USDA. By their own admission, the USDA had historically discriminated against Hispanic and female farmers and ranchers

TX immigration bill sanitizes issue for homeowners with exemptions for hiring undocumented domestic workers

LatinaLista — It’s become legislatively chic these days to include a number of bills in statehouse debates dealing with illegal immigration. It doesn’t matter which state it is or how far from the U.S.-Mexico border, every state feels compelled to pass something enforcing their own version of federal immigration law. Usually, the laws are zero

Nation’s Report Card shows it’s Latino and black students at inner-city schools still getting shortchanged

LatinaLista — The recent release of the 2009 Science NAEP Trial Urban District Assessment (TUDA) report, otherwise known as the Nation’s Report Card, is yet another bugle revelry to get people to jump up and see the writing on the (chalk)board. According to the findings, fourth-and eighth-graders in most of the report’s 17 participating urban

A sister’s death spurs a life quest for environmental truth

By Angela Villanueva LatinaLista Corpus Christi native, Suzie Canales, encounters federal bureaucracy, frustration and roadblocks in finding solutions to help her local neighborhoods impacted by environmental abuses. For more than 10 years, Suzie Canales, 51, has been fighting for a clean environment in the Texas coastal town of Corpus Christi. Through her position as the