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Global campaign underway to fight human trafficking — January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Yesterday, January 11, was Human Trafficking Awareness Day. It’s reported that 27 million people worldwide are enslaved today. Whether it’s prostituting children and women or forcing people to do domestic chores or provide cheap factory labor, enslaving people still lives on as an underworld

A young athlete’s dream turns into Olympic Gold

By Alma Ramos-McDermott LatinaLista How does a poor Mexican-American kid pull himself out of the slums to win a 2006 Beijing Olympic gold medal in freestyle wrestling? In bold, descriptive language, Henry Cejudo tells his story in the book “American Victory,” published by Penguin Books. In the autobiography, Henry shares memories of his alcoholic father

Deported DREAMer Saad Nabeel finds hostility and threats in native country because he only knows English

LatinaLista — In the last weeks before the DREAM Act was defeated in the Senate, more and more undocumented students were “coming out” to reveal their citizenship status. Yet, as a New York Times article reported, these students were spared from being deported. Saad Nabeel “In a world of limited resources, our time is better

Honduras: As Human Rights Violations Go Unpunished, “Feminists in Resistance” Fight for Justice

By Silvia Viñas LatinaLista HONDURAS — On June 28, 2009, the democratically elected president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, was ousted through a coup d’état. The Americas Policy Program reports that just two months after the coup “over 400 cases of violations of the human rights of women were registered.” The report goes on to declare,

Spotlight Non-profit: Veterans undertake 419-mile hike to raise money to help injured comrades — A former Air Force captain claims that casualties among Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans now exceed 500,000 when injuries such as mental illness, diseases and other untraditional type afflictions are included in the count. While military officials may dispute the tally, veterans and active-duty officers know that more and more of their comrades

Freelance reporter fundraising money to cover trial of policemen accused in cover-up of immigrant’s death — The beating death case of undocumented Mexican immigrant Luis Eduardo Ramírez Zavala at the hands of four white teens in Shenandoah, PA probably has the distinction of being in court more times than any other attack on unarmed undocumented immigrants in this country. Regular readers of Latina Lista will recall that back in