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Young Latino soccer players kick away stereotypes on way to their goal

By Pam Burrell LatinaLista Woodburn, Oregon’s population is 51 percent Hispanic and 49 percent Anglo. It has the highest concentration of taquerias in the state and on Saturday afternoons the parks are crowded with Hispanic men’s soccer league games which culminate every August with an intense men’s league tournament called Fiesta Mexicana. In The Boys

The Latino bias of some elected officials is disturbing, frightening and unAmerican

LatinaLista — Last week’s vile comment by Kansas legislator Virgil Peck — that shooting undocumented immigrants from helicopters could be another way to control illegal immigration — sparked a huge outcry from across the nation. Unfortunately, it’s not an isolated incident. Other examples of biased politicians, who think their positions shield them from exercising common

Guest Voz: Anti-immigrant legislation underscores real fear of conservatives — change in nation’s identity politics

LatinaLista — As ubiquitous as the introduction of anti-immigrant legislation has been in state legislatures across the country, there are now finally signs that push-back against these overtly punitive bills is beginning to make a difference. We saw that yesterday in Arizona, the cradle of anti-immigrant legislation, with the defeat of five anti-immigrant bills of

Spotlight Non-profit: Tapping bilingual students’ skills to give back to the community

LatinaLista – It’s not often that a high school Latino student organization offers their members as mentor tutors to junior high and elementary-age students. Yet, that’s part of the mission of Utah-based Latinos in Action (LIA). LIA is class/program for junior high and high schoolers that encourages Latino students to use their bilingual abilities to help