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Non-profits take backseat to political donations, but which is the better community investment?

By Lilly Zeller LatinaLista PUERTO RICO — Where should the lines be drawn when communicating the crude reality about non-profits? Is it wrong to pinpoint the vast sums of monies that are going into the accounts of political candidates? Is it wrong to suggest that people could consider making more donations to the non-profit of

US medical volunteers bring impoverished Guatemalan women the dream of walking without pain

LatinaLista — Antigua, Guatemala has a lot of things going for it — beautifully preserved Spanish Mudéjar-influenced Baroque architecture; spectacular ruins of colonial churches; an internationally recognized destination for Spanish language study and within sight of three large volcanoes. Yet, the city, like the rest of Guatemala, is home to many indigenous people who can’t

Spotlight Nonprofit: Teaching parents how to “book cuddle” with their children

LatinaLista — Literacy. It’s a word that gauges the future success of our children in school. Children who have an appreciation of reading and learn the basics of sounding out words go on to have success in school. Children who aren’t exposed to books and don’t grasp those early lessons are doomed to feel self-conscious,

Volunteerism brings Aramark office workers into heart of communities

By. J. Smith El Hispano Philadelphia — Beginning with the wealthy Financier Stephen Girard, who fought a late- eighteenth century plague with the aid of a couple of French-immigrant doctors and Minister Richard Allen; and continuing on with such figures as Soap manufacturer Joseph Fels, Bethlehem Steel founder Joseph Wharton, and oilman Joseph Pew, Philadelphia’s