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Young Latino soccer players kick away stereotypes on way to their goal

By Pam Burrell LatinaLista Woodburn, Oregon’s population is 51 percent Hispanic and 49 percent Anglo. It has the highest concentration of taquerias in the state and on Saturday afternoons the parks are crowded with Hispanic men’s soccer league games which culminate every August with an intense men’s league tournament called Fiesta Mexicana. In The Boys

A young girl brings her dreams across the border

By Lisa Lopez LatinaLista Jane Medina’s “The Dream on Blanca’s Wall” is an outstanding bilingual collection of poems from Blanca’s point of view. Similarly to Medina’s previous notable book “My Name is Jorge”, this poetic collection presents the female perspective on the universal struggles to fit into a new society and country. Blanca is a

Unleashing the magic of a child’s imagination

By Martha Rico LatinaLista Benjamin, Daniel and Alejandra love spending time with their abuelos at their farm on the weekends. They especially look forward to Grandpa’s special breakfasts and working together outdoors doing chores. On one particular visit, Benjamin claims to see something on the burnt tortilla Grandpa Luis serves him. He says it is