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Colombia has 3 of the world’s best preserved natural parks

Colombia has 3 of the world’s best preserved natural parks

By Larisa Sioneriu Colombia Reports Colombia’s natural parks are among the best preserved in the world, according to a world’s oldest and biggest environmental organization. The International Unit for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) elected three of Colombia’s national parks as part of the enlisted best preserved national parks in the world during the World Park

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Separate But Unequal: Predominantly White Schools Nearly Twice As Likely to Have Superfast Internet Speeds As Predominantly Minority Schools

By Marcella Gadson Broadband & Social Justice A study released last month revealed a significant gap in access to superfast Internet in schools based on race, income, and population density. In a world where access to technology equates to opportunities for success, African American, Hispanic, rural, and low-income students are at a severe disadvantage compared


Guest Voz: The reason why Obama is giving a major immigration speech in Nevada

By David F. Damore LatinaLista In January 2013, President Obama chose Del Sol High School in Las Vegas to make his remarks outlining his administration’s comprehensive immigration reform principles. Part victory rally, part policy speech, the event was a clear thank-you to the state’s Latino and organized-labor communities for their 2012 support and a down


Monarch butterflies making annual migration south

Mexico News Daily The butterflies are coming, along with an estimated 160,000 visitors close behind. The annual migration of the Monarch butterflies is on schedule, with an ETA in Michoacán and State of Mexico this week in time for the opening of butterfly sanctuaries, although the early arrivals have already been spotted in those states’


What It Takes to Become a Hispanic-Serving Institution

By Natalie Gross Latino Ed Beat Since early November, American universities have entered the pool of applicants competing for federal funds to serve Hispanic students better. Colleges looking to secure Title V funds for the Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions, Hispanic-Serving Institutions STEM and Articulation, and Promoting Postbaccalaureate Opportunities for Hispanic Americans programs must first submit their