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Peru: Madre de Dios citizens spot uncontacted tribes

Peru: Madre de Dios citizens spot uncontacted tribes

By Hillary Ojeda Peru This Week Last December a group of the tribe entered an Amazonian community leading to their evacuation. In Madre de Dios a native community spotted a group of uncontacted tribes with bows and arrows last Wednesday causing continued concern for safety and health. Last Wednesday a villager of the Machiguenga Shipetiari


Peruvian prisoners do their part to rid environment of plastics by weaving sustainable baskets

By Hillary Ojeda Peru This Week Innovative ways to end plastic-use are rapidly finding their ways in all corners of the globe. Prison inmates from Lurigancho prison are making sustainable and ecological woven baskets to promote environmentally friendly practices. The 25 participating inmates weave organic cane fiber in various colors and distribute them to help

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Besides cigars and classic cars, U.S. collectors look to Cuba for one more thing — Cuban art

LatinaLista — Ever since the announcement that the United States was starting the process of normalizing relations with Cuba, Americans have been salivating for two things: Cuban cigars and the classic cars that stream along the island nation’s roads. But there’s one more thing that aficionados are hoping will be in great demand on the