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Nearly half of Mexico’s children suffer from lead poisoning

Nearly half of Mexico’s children suffer from lead poisoning

LatinaLista — A traditional dish many Mexican families include on their Christmas menu is pozole. It’s not uncommon to see the soup served up in the distinctive decorated bowls for which Mexico is famous. The bowls, decorated with lead-based glaze, have long been known to be a source of elevated lead levels in the bloodstreams


Guest Voz: Obama’s Cuba Policy Shift Means Major Shifts in Latin America and Among U.S. Latino ‘Américanos’

By Roberto Lovato LatinaLista To see my 92 year-old father’s morning face on waking up to news of President Obama’s announcement about U.S.-Cuban relations was to see the future of U.S. politics. “What?” he asked in the crackly, sleepy voice that’s taken on a sadder cadence since my mother María, his partner of 60-plus years,


Preserving Latino History in East Harlem with Augmented Reality

By Geoff Montes Preservation Nation A type of digital imaging technology known as augmented reality (AR) is playing a starring role in an upcoming initiative that documents the Caribbean and Latino history of East Harlem in New York City. The project is called Mi Querido Barrio (“My Beloved Neighborhood”), and is the brainchild of Dr.


Brazilian biologist creates app to save 400 million animals destined to be roadkill

LatinaLista — Signs of progress are pretty easy to spot in urban areas — glassy high-rises, trendy new restaurants, bumper-to-bumper traffic. Aside from the occasional pedestrian-car entanglement, city progress usually doesn’t involve too many casualties. It’s a different story outside the city. In the same push for progress, new housing and roadways are being built