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Another kind of “smart pad” strives to keep women healthy and in-the-know about their bodies

Another kind of “smart pad” strives to keep women healthy and in-the-know about their bodies

LatinaLista — Common sense says that when we are proactive about our health — have routine check-ups, perform self-examinations and pay attention to changes in our bodies — that we can usually avoid being in the late stages of a disease or illness when treatment is more costly and good outcomes questionable. For women, this

racial profiling

Guest Voz: Racial profiling of young men of color is a Civil Rights issue that needs to be fixed

By Cynthia D. Mares LatinaLista As attorneys, Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) lawyers have a responsibility to ensure that our legal system is just, that police officers who use undue force are held accountable, and that broken policies such as lack of training and lack of accountability are fixed before any more tragedies happen. Moreover,


How to train a baby to learn language faster

By Rob Forman Futurity Brain scans show that training babies to distinguish language sounds from other sounds can speed up development in parts of the brain that are central to language skills. Researchers taught 4-month-old babies to pay attention to increasingly complex non-language audio patterns by rewarding them for correctly shifting their eyes to a


Guest Voz: Over Time, Myth of Color-Blind Society Takes Toll on Latinos

By Barbara Ferrer LatinaLista Migration of Latino families to America is an inspiring story of men, women and children leaving their native countries, often searching for better opportunities and safety for their families. Yet, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s recent poll of Latino families also reveals that a different narrative develops – frustration from racism and