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The case of Sergio Garcia — An undocumented lawyer fighting for the right to practice law

The case of Sergio Garcia — An undocumented lawyer fighting for the right to practice law

LatinaLista — On September 4, 2013, Sergio Garcia will appear before the California Supreme Court. He will argue for the right to practice law. By all rights, he should be able to. In 2009, Sergio passed the California State Bar exam, was sworn in, admitted to the bar, and granted a license to practice law

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Just in time for July 4, Carnegie Corporation launches web site celebrating the immigrant story

LatinaLista — Andrew Carnegie is a name that has withstood the test of time. The immigrant from Scotland is remembered as much for his philanthropy as his success in creating a million-dollar steel empire. His name lives on today in his 102-year-old namesake Carnegie Corporation of New York, a foundation that Carnegie envisioned would accomplish

US Chamber of Commerce pushes for passage of immigration reform with new website

LatinaLista — If members of Congress didn’t feel the pressure of compromising on immigration reform before, most surely they do now with the launch of the latest immigration reform advocacy push — this time, by the US Chamber of Commerce. “As the process moves forward and draft legislative proposals are introduced, we will continue to

Tech industry preparing for virtual immigration march on Washington

LatinaLista — Advocates for immigration reform have steadily expanded beyond the friends, families and clergy of the undocumented who lead those impressive mass marches of 2006 demanding Washington fix a broken immigration system. Nowadays, business owners, in all sectors, have joined in demanding that Congress act sooner rather than later to address immigration reform. Of