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Deportation to Shattered DREAMs: “Something is wrong with the U.S. immigration system”

By Nancy Landa LatinaLista (Editor’s note: Second post in a series focusing on DREAMer Nancy Landa’s first-hand experience of removal proceedings by US Citizens and Immigration Services (USCIS) I sat for hours in that cell at the detention facility with a blank face staring at the colorless walls. Occasionally, I would glance over at other

American Dream: Southern Hospitality on full display during FL DREAMer DACA Clinics

by Gaby Pacheco LatinaLista FLORIDA CITY, FL — It’s been two weeks since a group of dynamic DREAMers, along with their ally organizations, have carried out deferred action clinics in Florida City, Florida. Located about 35 miles from Miami, FL, in a mainly suburban and agricultural town, hundreds of people gathered outside the doors of the

American Dream: Clinics helping DREAMers apply for “deferred action” creating newfound hope among next generation

By Cristina Jimenez LatinaLista This past Saturday, August 25th, DREAMers at over 40 sites across America attended “Own the Dream” clinic and forum events. These clinics and forums helped undocumented Americans apply for “deferred action” and work permits under the new policy implemented by the Department of Homeland Security, and announced by President Obama this

Round-up of news coverage of undocumented youth turnout for start of ‘DREAM Relief’

LatinaLista — Across the country yesterday, the sight of hundreds, and in some areas, thousands of young people waiting patiently in line would make most passers-by think that a new Apple product had been released or the latest action-packed film was debuting. Either assumption would have been wrong. All these young people were standing in

Immigration lawyers push back against Sen. Durbin’s advice to DREAMers to not use lawyers for deferred action

LatinaLista — Excitement is mounting among undocumented youth who are eligible for the President’s Deferred Action (DA) Program for Child Arrivals. Less than a week away, on August 15, undocumented youth who meet the criteria will be able to begin living just like their classmates and friends — apply for a driver’s license, get an after-school