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Deported father had to fight ICE to be allowed to return to US for 10-year-old son’s funeral

By Gustavo Martínez Contreras Mojado Citizen A Mexican man will be finally able to travel to his 10-year-old son’s burial in Pennsylvania after immigration officials granted his request for humanitarian permission to enter the United States, according to a Facebook message from a representative of the law office representing him. Fildemar Merlos López has been

Sharing the DREAM with Others

By Gaby Pacheco LatinaLista Recently, I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful 19-year-old Salvadorian woman, fighting for the DREAM Act. At first, I thought she was a DREAMer, but on the contrary, Jocelyne Cardona, is a US Citizen, born to immigrant parents. “I am a Latina student at Macalester College in Minnesota, who has

Fearless youth confront Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio

By Gustavo Martínez Contreras Mojado Citizen (Editor’s note: The following is a translation of the original post that appears on Mojado Citizen) While the immigrant youth in Georgia face the possibility of being banned from all public colleges and universities, a group of undocumented young activists challenged Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his practices with a

First observance of National Undocumented Mental Health Day marred by deportation of suicide-prone DREAM-eligible student

LatinaLista — The sad story of 18-year-old Joaquin Luna who committed suicide in November (2011) grabbed national headlines for a few days for one reason and one reason only — he was undocumented. Before anyone could read the letters he left behind, his family and friends attributed his suicide to his undocumented status and the