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On this Cesar Chavez Day, new report finds majority of farm accidents go unreported

On this Cesar Chavez Day, new report finds majority of farm accidents go unreported

By Karen Finney – UC Davis Futurity Federal agencies responsible for tracking workplace hazards fail to report 77 percent of the injuries and illnesses suffered by US agricultural workers and farmers. Researchers say the findings greatly reduce the chance that safety and health risks will be corrected. “Whatever anyone might have assumed about gaps in


North Carolina Afro-Latina foster teen languishes in adult jail for school incident

By Susan Ferriss Juvenile Justice Information Exchange Did a foster-care teen need to be arrested by school police this month for alleged battery on a school bus? And then jailed for more than two weeks with adults long after a judge ordered her released? The questions swirling around Selina Garcia, 17, of Raleigh, N.C. are


Professor Perspectives: The New SAT Test

By Paige Schaefer NerdScholar SAT test takers will face an updated version of the college admission exam in 2016, the College Board recently announced. Of the proposed changes, the most notable include an optional essay, eliminating the penalty for wrong answers, and adjusting the vocabulary to reflect common college language. College Board President and CEO


Chico Vive: The Legacy of Chico Mendes and the Global Grassroots Environmental Movement

Cultural Survival Celebrating the legacy of Chico Mendes and the courage of thousands of present-day grassroots activists who follow in his footsteps. Brazilian environmental martyr and rural union leader Chico Mendes was killed in 1988. In the past 25 years grassroots activists in many places have mobilized to protect the environment and their communities from