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“Children of color are the most at-risk victims of pollution”

“Children of color are the most at-risk victims of pollution”

By Marcia G. Yerman Mom’s Clean Air Force Ana Baptista is on a mission to drive change. With a Masters from Brown University in Environmental Studies, a PhD in Urban Planning and Public Policy, and a teaching post at the New School for Public Engagement, Ana is well-equipped to move the needle on the environmental


Indigenous Art of NYC

By Phoebe Farris Cultural Survival An exhibit of 27 indigenous artists living in NYC is on display at the Arts Horizons LeRoy Neiman Art Center (AHLNAC) from Oct. 13-Nov. 14, 2014. It is a fundraiser for NITCHEN, an advocacy organization for New York City’s Native American children. Curated by Nadema Agard (Cherokee/Lakota/Powhatan) and Joseph W.


Urban Farmist: How one Latina’s dream of recycling is turning a scary tale into a happy ending

By Aaron de Leon LatinaLista On a cold, rainy night, a group of men gathered over a hole in the earth. They stood wide-eyed and uncertain of what was to take place. “Are you sure this is right?” one of them asked. “The decision’s been made,” another responded. As the rain fell upon their faces,


Animation studio ventures into bilingual education

By Gregory van Zuyen Language Magazine One of the many challenges facing educators at this time of year is getting students back into the right behavioral mode for learning. It’s natural for students to slip out of “school habits” during the summer, but reinstating good learning practices can be time-consuming and frustrating. Unfortunately, there’s now

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Urban Farmist : Farmers markets are ripe with stories waiting to be discovered

By Aaron de Leon LatinaLista “You want some history? I can give you history dating back to 1890.” Pat of Pat’s Produce said with great pride. Pat’s history lesson was delivered in the middle of an adventure. The location was set at my local farmers market and my mission was to find someone with a