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Mixing it up: Inserting Spanish language into English text needs a watchful eye

Mixing it up: Inserting Spanish language into English text needs a watchful eye

By Alma Flor Ada CBC Diversity   My Personal Connection A few years ago I was asked to contribute a story to an anthology. The story, which contained some words in Spanish, had been edited and proofread. And then, the editor told me, very enthusiastically, that her son, who was taking Spanish in high school

College counselor Teresa Carreto's room at Roosevelt High in Los Angeles

College Recruiters Often Avoid Low-Income Schools

By Katherine Leal Unmuth Latino Ed Beat When Los Angeles Times reporters surveyed California high schools about how many college recruiters visited the campuses this fall, they found glaring disparities between rich and poor. While the private The Webb Schools in Claremont was visited by 113 colleges and universities, the public Jefferson High School in


2014 The Year of the Caregiver

By Judi Bonilla Latino Elders “Put the oxygen mask on first,” is the call from the flight attendants we hear every time a pilot prepares for take off. Coloque primero su máscara de oxígeno, is what I ask of all caregivers as we step into 2014. My hope is with this action each of can


In Our Modern World, Traditional Indigenous Knowledge is More Important Than Ever

First Peoples Worldwide Clearly the way we’re running things on earth is not headed in a good direction – the climate is changing, we’re nearing a drinking water crisis, and our food system is not sustainable. Juxtaposed with extreme poverty in much of the world, we see that the world’s three richest men have more


Too few Latinos in the running for Golden Globe honors — otra vez!

By Angela María Ortíz S. Se Fija! Oscar Isaac Receives Multiple Nominations for the Golden Globes; the Rest is (almost) Silence Sofía Vergara is the only other Latina mentioned by name this year, though a few TV shows with Latinos in them get a nod. Basically: same ol’ same ol’ this season. Oscar Isaac’s wonderful