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New Jersey’s Hinchliffe Stadium Reveals Baseball’s Hidden Latino History

New Jersey’s Hinchliffe Stadium Reveals Baseball’s Hidden Latino History

By Adrian Burgos, Jr., Professor, U.S. History, University of Illinois Preservation Nation Years before Jackie Robinson stepped across the white lines and onto Ebbets Field to make history as major league baseball’s integration pioneer, decades before Roberto Clemente displayed his hitting prowess, graceful fielding, and powerful arm on North American baseball diamonds, and well before


National Minority Health Awareness Month: A Time for Action to prevent or manage diabetes

By Judi Bonilla LatinoElders Earlier this year NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Harvard School of Public Health released a poll that found Latinos see diabetes as the biggest health problem for their own families. It was about the familia that caught researchers’ eyes. In previous polls, Latinos reported cancer was their primary health


Hispanics Building Ladders of Opportunity for Economic Development

By Wendy Rivera-Aguilar Broadband & Social Justice Recently, the Washingtonian highlighted extraordinary success stories of some of the most influential Hispanic achievers of our time. Among the Latino faces featured on the cover was Andres W. Lopez. A Harvard Law graduate and trial attorney from Puerto Rico who is often described as having a “steamrolling


Dyslexia and the English Learner Dilemma

By Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley Language Magazine The American educational system has a difficult time understanding dyslexia and an even harder time identifying children with dyslexia in order to provide the correct intervention for students who are native English speakers. When a school has the added challenge of identifying struggling English language learners (ELLs), the task