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Getting College Credit for Experience: Is it Helping Latinos?

Getting College Credit for Experience: Is it Helping Latinos?

By Natalie Gross Latino Ed Beat Exchanging work and life experience for college credit may seem like an ideal way to save time and money on the pursuit of a degree — especially if you’re older than 25, like many a modern student. However, a new study finds that Latinos are less likely to take


Animation studio ventures into bilingual education

By Gregory van Zuyen Language Magazine One of the many challenges facing educators at this time of year is getting students back into the right behavioral mode for learning. It’s natural for students to slip out of “school habits” during the summer, but reinstating good learning practices can be time-consuming and frustrating. Unfortunately, there’s now

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Urban Farmist : Farmers markets are ripe with stories waiting to be discovered

By Aaron de Leon LatinaLista “You want some history? I can give you history dating back to 1890.” Pat of Pat’s Produce said with great pride. Pat’s history lesson was delivered in the middle of an adventure. The location was set at my local farmers market and my mission was to find someone with a

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Getting to know — and celebrating — today’s Indigenous Leaders

First Peoples Worldwide October 13 was Indigenous Leaders Day! The Leaders who are highlighted below were nominated for their Indigenous leadership – whether through honoring their culture, defending native food sovereignty, providing healthcare, or simply serving their communities. Clayton Harvey, White Mountain Apache Clayton Harvey is White Mountain Apache from the Fort Apache Reservation. His


Report: Latinos Need 5.5M More College Degrees by 2020 to Get U.S. Back on Top of Education

SaludToday! Latinos must earn an additional 5.5 million college degrees for America to regain world leadership in college degrees by 2020, according to a new report. The report, from Excelencia in Education and the United Negro College Fund, examines Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs) alongside historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) to bring attention to minority student