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Nearly half of Mexico’s children suffer from lead poisoning

Nearly half of Mexico’s children suffer from lead poisoning

LatinaLista — A traditional dish many Mexican families include on their Christmas menu is pozole. It’s not uncommon to see the soup served up in the distinctive decorated bowls for which Mexico is famous. The bowls, decorated with lead-based glaze, have long been known to be a source of elevated lead levels in the bloodstreams


Brazilian biologist creates app to save 400 million animals destined to be roadkill

LatinaLista — Signs of progress are pretty easy to spot in urban areas — glassy high-rises, trendy new restaurants, bumper-to-bumper traffic. Aside from the occasional pedestrian-car entanglement, city progress usually doesn’t involve too many casualties. It’s a different story outside the city. In the same push for progress, new housing and roadways are being built


Venezuela Considered LatAm’s Most Corrupt: Report

By David Gagne InSight Crime Venezuela is yet again perceived as the most corrupt country in Latin America, according to a new report by Transparency International, suggesting that President Nicolas Maduro has a long way to go in terms of cleaning up his country’s image. Venezuela ranked 161st out of 175 countries worldwide in terms


Documenting the undocumented within Latin America

By James A. Baer Council on Hemispheric Affairs (LatinaLista Editor’s Note: The following article uses the term “illegal immigrant” to describe immigrants living in a country without the proper authorization. It is a term that Latina Lista does not recognize or condone usage of and does not use in Latina Lista-authored content.) Citizens of the


Though among the most deported, U.S.-based Guatemalans increasing remittances home

By Anna Bevan LatinaLista The small village of Horcones sits at the end of a pot-holed road in Jutiapa, south-eastern Guatemala. Around 40 percent of the population is dedicated to producing livestock, earning an income that is not reflected in the wealth of the white-washed, Grecian columned houses that decorate this farming community. The majority


Another kind of “smart pad” strives to keep women healthy and in-the-know about their bodies

LatinaLista — Common sense says that when we are proactive about our health — have routine check-ups, perform self-examinations and pay attention to changes in our bodies — that we can usually avoid being in the late stages of a disease or illness when treatment is more costly and good outcomes questionable. For women, this