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Chilean medical team to be first to perform facial transplant in Latin America

Chilean medical team to be first to perform facial transplant in Latin America

LatinaLista — Latin America has long been known as a part of the world where cosmetic surgery is so popular that teens as young as 14 go under the knife for those Barbie doll good looks. In fact, Brazil now supplants the United States as the global capital of cosmetic surgery. In 2013, Brazil recorded


Archeologists uncover stone with 13 corners in Inca ruins

LatinaLista — Walls created with perfectly fitted stones needing no mortar and withstanding the test of millennia have been a hallmark of Incan architecture. These wonders of ancient masonry have long had people scratching their heads and asking, “How’d they do that?” One of the more remarkable Incan construction touches has been the 12-angle rock.


Colombia-Ecuador border earthquake sparks concern of possibly imminent volcano eruption

By Emil Foget Colombia Reports Authorities in southwestern Colombia have raised alert levels on Tuesday after a 5.6M earthquake hit the border region, sparking concerns that two nearby volcanoes might erupt in a matter of days. Colombia’s Geological Service have changed the alert level of two volcanoes from yellow to orange. The two volcanoes are


New poll shows more women in Latin America battle disrespect, violence and loss of dignity on daily basis

LatinaLista — The recent comments by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella that women shouldn’t ask for raises but instead trust in karma, smacked many who heard it as epitomizing the inequality that rages on for many women in male-dominated environments. Though Nadella has apologized profusely for his remarks, there are some parts of the world where