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Peru’s African descendants celebrate their roots by opening up and sharing their history

Peru’s African descendants celebrate their roots by opening up and sharing their history

By M. Isabel Guerra LatinaLista In addition to its indigenous nations and its Spanish colonization, Peru has been the final destination of many migratory movements; thus, nowadays we can find significant percentages of Peruvians from European, Japanese, Chinese and African descent. Many of these communities still preserve their traditions and some groups are actively working


Popstar Children of Knights Templar Leader Glamorize Narco-Culture

By Michael Lohmuller InSight Crime The children of a drug cartel leader in Mexico have reportedly become pop singers, and are openly sharing their extravagant lifestyle glamorizing drug trafficking culture on social media. Self-defense groups in Michoacan, Mexico have outed two young local pop stars as being the children of Knights Templar leader Enrique Plancarte.


A Political Digital Revolution: Argentina’s New Model for Democracy

By Lucy Adler Argentina Independent Partido de la Red (PdlR) is unlike any political party you have come across before. They are a party of the present, looking to the future, who believe in using the tools of today – the internet and other technology – to radically change the current political system. At the


Honduran murals raise public awareness about violence in Central American nation

By Kay Valle TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – Art is their weapon and the walls of Tegucigalpa are their canvas in the fight against violence. In one of the most violent cities in the world – with 1,035 murders in 2012 – an increasing number of street artists are expressing their indignation and trying to raise


January 27, 2014: A date with destiny for Peru and Chile

By W. Alejandro Sanchez Council on Hemispheric Affairs The events of this upcoming January 27, 2014 are likely to determine the short and long-term future regarding the relations between Peru and Chile. On that date, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague will announce its ruling on a long-standing maritime dispute between the

Honduras Coup

New study sounds alarm on Latin American countries turning their back on political tolerance

LatinaLista — There’s more to a democracy than a nation holding elections. One of the key elements of a democratic nation is political tolerance. No matter the protests, fistfights, shouts, insulting rally signs, name-calling or public slander, as long as people believe in the freedom to express a different political opinion and the opportunity to