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Taxis promote literacy in Latin America

Taxis promote literacy in Latin America

By Daniela Oliveira The Bibliotaxi cultural project, which offers free books to passengers in 25 Brazilian cities, has now spread to Chile, Colombia and Peru and is going digital. RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Is traffic backed up? Read a book. Launched in 2011 in São Paulo, the Bibliotaxi project now offers books to


The children who sued Guatemala — and won, but are still hungry

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista The mountainous town of Camotán, in Eastern Guatemala, is synonymous with hunger: 89 percent of the municipality’s population lives in poverty, water resources are scarce and infant mortality is the highest in the country. In November 2011, a local NGO called Nuevo Día launched a lawsuit on behalf of five children

Coffee Grower in Ecuador (Diego Cupolo)

From Mexico to Brazil, climate change threatens coffee growers in Latin America

By Diego Cupolo Upside Down World Coffee, like gold, sugar and oil, has long been one of Latin America’s major exports, sustaining everyone from independent farmers in mountain regions to corporate bankers in capital cities, all while keeping weary minds alert throughout the world. Yet over the last decade, changing climate patterns have intensified droughts


World Cup theme of Projeto 4km mural, Latin America’s largest open-air graffiti exhibit

By Thiago Borges SÃO PAULO, Brazil – An open-air art gallery is taking shape near Arena Corinthians, which will host six World Cup matches, including the opening match between Brazil and Croatia on June 12. The mural, known as Projeto 4km, covers 10,000 m2 and is expected to be Latin America’s largest open-air graffiti


Those darn smart Peruvian engineers have thought up yet another (healthy) use for the ubiquitous billboard

LatinaLista — For the last several years, meteorologists and the medical community in Peru have been ringing the alarm over the country’s worsening air pollution. It’s a problem that while it signals that Peru is becoming more of an industrialized nation, it’s also a sign that worst medical outcomes are on the horizon for Peruvians.