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Silicon Wasi 2014

Latin American Start-up Competition — Silicon Wasi: The startup battle begins in Peru

Latin American Start-up Competition — Silicon Wasi: The startup battle begins in Peru

By Hannah Vickers Peru This Week The competition aims to increase innovation and encourage startups in Latin America. Silicon Wasi is back for another startup wars this March. Startups from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru will be battling it out in Universities across Lima March 25-29. Silicon Wasi is a Latin American startup competition


One community of Mayan women’s journey from indigenous weavings to exporting vegetables to Walmart

By Anna-Claire Bevan LatinaLista Indigenous women in Guatemala occupy the bottom rung of the socioeconomic ladder. A lack of education combined with a traditionally machismo culture means that many Mayan women are often illiterate, unaware of their rights and unable to break the cycle of poverty in which they exist. In the indigenous municipality of


Honduras Criminal Group Using Narcocorridos to Attract Child Recruits

By Michael Lohmuller InSight Crime A criminal group in Honduras is using songs about drug trafficking to glamorize criminal life for child recruits who they then train in the use of high-powered firearms, in another example of organized crime’s use of children as an expendable and low-risk source of labor. Ramon Sabillon, the director of

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U.S. Embassy raising awareness among Chilean high schoolers about disappearance of honeybees with comics contest

LatinaLista — Among the biggest threats to any nation’s eco-system is the loss of honeybees. It’s more than just honey that bees contribute to human diet; they are also responsible for pollinating up to 70 percent of the food a person eats every day. Eight years ago, one beekeeper in the U.S. sounded the alarm

Brazil - conference call

Brazilian Northeast celebrates Carnival the old-fashioned way

By Nelza Oliveira OLINDA, Brazil – Joyfulness and tradition join hands at Carnival street parties in two cities in the Brazilian Northeast: Maragogipe and Olinda. The masks and costumes used in the 19th century highlight the Carnival celebrations in Maragogipe, a city in the state of Bahia in the Recôncavo Baiano region. The celebration’s